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Food waste initiatives, gastronomy and white papers: Here are 2019’s top 10 news and cases

At the beginning of a new year (and decade), it’s always nice to look back on the year that passed. In Food Nation, we’re looking back on an eventful year. The launch of four different white papers (Collaboration, Organic, Sustainability and Health), the publication of the Image Analysis on Denmark as a food nation and both attending and hosting several events with interesting persons and organisations made 2019 a great year for Danish food and agriculture.

On our site, we’re eagerly documenting news and cases from the Danish food arena– and you, the readers, are becoming increasingly interested in these. So we put together this recap of our most read cases and news in 2019 to read or re-read. Enjoy!

Top 10 cases
  1. Green fiber bottle is an important step for a greener future
  2. The World’s Fastest Salmonella Test Kit Improves Food Safety and Contributes to CO2 reduction
  3. Danish farmers lead the way in precision agriculture
  4. Danish bacterial culture to reduce food waste
  5. Danish dairy started the organic revolution
  6. Biogas Meets Scarcity of Fertiliser for Organic Production
  7. Surplus Food Supermarket Reduces Food Waste in Denmark
  8. Danish Breeding Increases Cattle Productivity
  9. Embracing the Latest Technology is Key in Upscaling Organic Vegetable Production
  10. Managing Feed Wastage in Pig Production


Top 10 news
  1. New White Paper: An Organic Revolution Powered by Cooperation
  2. New white paper on Sustainability: Solving global food challenges with solutions of tomorrow 
  3. New white paper on health: Leading the way towards healthy food solutions
  4. Danish restaurants reap Michelin stars once again
  5. Food waste can be used to fuel aircrafts 
  6. Denmark’s reputation as a leading gastronomic destination increases
  7. Danish company builds the North’s largest insect factory
  8. Danish state visit to Argentina: Partnering for a sustainable transition 
  9. Festivals replace 2 million disposable plastic jars with a new, sustainable alternative
  10. Welcome to Food Nation podcast – Stories by Denmark