Precision Agriculture - Danish Farmers Lead the Way



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Danish Farmers Lead the Way in Precision Agriculture

The fast implementation of new technologies in the primary sector shows that a new generation of Danish farmers are now frontrunners in using satellites and drones to obtain a more efficient agricultural production. The results include higher efficiency and an optimised fertilising process.

The Danish agricultural production has always been on the frontline of technological solutions. With the emergence of new agricultural technologies, Danish farmers now use the opportunity to optimise production even more. A 2018 study from Statistics Denmark shows that 27% of skilled farmers in Denmark use RTK-GPS-systems. The system makes it possible to steer agricultural equipment to an accuracy of 1-2 cm. The study shows that especially the younger Danish farmers embrace the new technologies, as more than 29% of farmers under the age of 40 use these RTK-GPS systems.

Younger Danish farmers embrace new technologies, as more than 29% of farmers under the age of 40 use RTK-GPS systems

Drones and satellites for a more precise production

The popularity of technologies among Danish farmers does not just stop at advanced GPS-systems. Recently the Danish agricultural production has started to use drones and satellites too. Whether you use drones or satellites, the technologies can be used to localise specific growth areas requiring attention. It can also be used to optimise fertilising or seed sowing. Whether satellites, drones or GPS-systems, the use of these technologies will enhance water usage, optimise seed sowing, improve output and create food of better qualities.

The rise in usage of technologies like drones and GPS-systems serve as an example of how innovation is a centre piece in the high quality of the Danish agricultural production.