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Gastronomy - Danish gastronomy can take your business to new heights

Danish gastronomy has undergone a rapid transition in the last decades. This development has influenced the gastronomic scene as well as general food production in Denmark. New trends have stimulated consumers’ interest in gastronomy and provided incentives for farmers and food companies to refine their food products. Stepping out of the shadow of culinary anonymity, Denmark has earned a reputation as one of the world’s gastronomic giants.

If anyone had said 20 years ago that Denmark was destined to be a leading star on the culinary skyline, the hub of a Scandinavian gastronomical awakening based on local ingredients, and home to the world’s best restaurant several times over, then most people would have been sceptical.

In Denmark, we focus on gastronomy as a tool to ensure better food for more people

Nevertheless, this is what has happened. Since the Manifesto for New Nordic Cuisine was conceived in 2004, restaurants and kitchens have driven a rapid transformation. Agriculture, food manufacturers and the political system have since given the movement their full backing – to the benefit of Danish gastronomy.

The matchless taste of the Danish terroir

In Scandinavia, we have unique growing conditions that bring quality and taste to Danish produce. The bright but relatively cool Danish summer season combined with the climate and landscape makes this northern country eminently suitable for agriculture.

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Since the start of the new millennium, the New Nordic movement has inspired many successful specialty products with strong local stories – made possible by the climate, soil and agricultural traditions. The primary trigger was the explosive development of the Nordic restaurant scene, which originated in Copenhagen with Restaurant Noma at the forefront. Noma has since been nominated as the World’s Best Restaurant four times.

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Broad impact of the New Nordic Movement

In 2004, the philosophy that formed the Nordic gastronomical trend, and the many Michelin-starred restaurants that followed, was put down in writing as The Manifesto for New Nordic Cuisine. The manifesto’s principles cover everything from hygiene, seasonal produce, ethics, health, sustainability and quality and had a clear objective: to create a new culinary genre which, through its own personality and tastefulness, could be measured with the greatest cuisines in the world.

Denmark is truly world-renowned for its gastronomic abilities due to the creation of the New Nordic Cuisine

Today, New Nordic Cuisine has broken free of norms, prejudices and expectations and created a new culinary art, covering everything from ingredients and technique to terroir and storytelling. Danish restaurants are experimenting with locally sourced raw materials while ambitious Danish chefs are paving the way for a cleaner, greener and healthier culinary tradition in Denmark. At the same time, Danish farmers are rethinking the way they produce and harvest their crops and the Danish food cluster has made gastronomy the starting point for developing high-quality specialties that spread joy at home and abroad.

Gastronomic thoughts inspire innovation

The number of Danish Michelin restaurants is on the rise, and several restaurants can also be found outside the metropolitan area. But it’s not just the awardees of Michelin stars who hold our gastronomy in high regard. At retailers, high-quality foods and many gourmet products and brands are co-developed between food producers and gastronomical talents resulting in many brands that have become popular with consumers. Partnerships between food companies, chefs and large retailers are not unlikely and together they develop new food products, convenience foods to-go, bread and drinks.

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Within businesses, partnerships with the innovative heads of gastronomy are also taking form with e.g. product development for a more sustainable production or specific cuts or products desired by high-end restaurants. As a business partner to the Danish food cluster, you will be able to bring innovative and tasteful food solutions into your business.

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