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Gastronomy - Danish gastronomy can take your business to new heights

Danish restaurants and Danish food are always in development and follow the latest trends. Denmark is home to of a whole new generation of chefs who are developing Danish food culture. For several years, the Danish Noma restaurant, where New Nordic cuisine was born, was considered the best restaurant in the world. Based on regional and seasonal products from the Nordic area – and making the most of what is at hand, our gastronomic development doesn’t just make your restaurant visit in Denmark more exciting. It also enhances every step of the Danish food value chain; whether you are a retailer, food producer or chef, Danish collaboration can inspire you to new gastronomic heights.

Gastronomy is a lever for better food

Danish gastronomy has really advanced over the last 15 years. This development has influenced the gastronomic scene as well as general food production in Denmark. New trends have stimulated consumers’ interest in gastronomy and provided incentives for farmers and food companies to refine their food products. In Denmark, we focus on gastronomy as a tool to ensure better food for more people. As a result, we are well-known internationally for our excellent products.

Good food starts with high quality

In Denmark, we have unique growing conditions that bring quality and taste to Danish produce. The bright but relatively cool Danish summer season combined with the climate and landscape makes this northern country eminently suitable for agriculture.
Although Denmark has food specialities that are internationally recognised, such as pickled herring, Havarti cheese and ‘smørrebrød’ – the open-faced rye bread sandwich, Denmark became truly world-renowned for its gastronomic abilities when New Nordic Cuisine was created.
The restaurant industry has now gradually started consulting chemists and microbiologists, who can help perfect the arts of fermenting, smoking, refining, dehydrating and rehydrating food. Another good example of how the Danish food cluster is always seeking better solutions.

Denmark is truly world-renowned for its gastronomic abilities due to the creation of the New Nordic Cuisine

Gastronomy in Denmark – from restaurant to retailer

Copenhagen is the city in Scandinavia with the largest amount of Michelin stars. The number of Danish Michelin restaurants has also risen since the opening of the best restaurant in the world, Noma, and several restaurants can also be found outside the metropolitan area. But it’s not just the awardees of Michelin stars who hold our gastronomy in high regard. At retailers in Denmark, high-quality foods and many gourmet products and brands have managed to become popular with consumers.

In Denmark, we focus on gastronomy as a tool to ensure better food for more people

All participants in the Danish food cluster play a role in this development by constantly working together to improve quality and finding better solutions every step of the way, from farm to fork.
A good example is the partnership between the food company, Løgismose and the Danish retailer Dansk Supermarked in their development of new food products – or the partnership between the founder of Noma, entrepreneur Claus Meyer and the retailer Coop regarding bread. Gastronomy has also had a direct influence on the selection of convenience food available at retailers in Denmark. This success was due to a close co-operation between the retailers’ product development teams and well-known chefs.
As a business partner to the Danish food cluster, you will be able to bring innovative and tasteful food solutions into your business.