Danish collaboration - Benefit from the Danish business culture




Collaboration - Benefit from the unique Danish culture of collaboration

Cross-disciplinary collaboration is a defining characteristic of the Danish food cluster, which ranks among the strongest centres for food know-how and innovation in the world. Collective agreements between employers and employees are an outstanding feature of the Danish labour market – based on trust, collaboration and mutual respect. This unique business culture allows the Danish food cluster to be ground-breaking, productive and flexible.

The Danish culture of collaboration goes back a long way. Since the first cooperative was founded 150 years ago, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mutual trust have made the Danish food cluster one of the most innovative in the world. For the people working in the Danish food cluster, collaboration is a source of empowerment that sets new ideas free and keeps the wheels of innovation rolling. A proven asset for every business.

The ability to innovative and collaborate across companies, academia and public institutions have defined Denmark’s agriculture and food sector

Connect and collaborate

Denmark has a strong tradition for identifying challenges and enabling the dialogue that leads to solutions. Whether responding to consumer demands for innovative, high-quality foods or cooperating with global business partners, the Danish food cluster continues to develop its culture for collaboration. The flat Danish management structure supports this by inspiring a high level of employee involvement and responsibility and, through that, a spirit of openness and trust.

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Closer supplier cooperation is your way to success

After the first cooperative dairy was established in Denmark in 1882, the cooperative movement spread rapidly throughout the country, encompassing slaughterhouses, eggs and feed mills. In cooperatives, the farmers own and operate the joint cooperative activity through their membership.

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Profits were shared, and Danish farmers soon experienced that their livelihoods improved. Cooperative businesses were some of the first to start exporting to the world´s markets, and a wider range of opportunities, trade agreements and the emergence of multilateral organisations have only made exports to countries around the world even more accessible.

Openness and trust are keywords when it comes to innovation

When you partner with a Danish company, you gain access to an entire ecosystem of knowledge and innovative power. You will soon find that you are not doing business with just another partner. You are partnering with a mindset – one that has proven highly profitable for many generations.

Cross-disciplinary approach with a flat hierarchy creates the ideal conditions for fostering innovation

Denmark’s labour market provides unmatched advantages for all employers and employees in the country, not just within the Danish food cluster. Unlike most other countries where the labour market is regulated by legislation, our trade unions and employer organisations make collective agreements without government involvement. Any disagreements are typically settled through mediation or arbitration. This approach has gained international renown as ‘the Danish model’.

Smooth business solutions through close partnership

Collaboration between public authorities and food producers has a positive effect on the industry as it e.g. helps to ensure the high quality and food safety of Danish food products. Close cooperation with universities also keeps the Danish food cluster at the forefront of innovation. Strong ties between leading universities and companies give the Danish food cluster a unique opportunity to test and market their products at an early stage, to ensure the development of innovative and internationally competitive food solutions.

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In Denmark, businesses, academia and research institutes and authorities are all working together to develop innovative solutions that will help feed the growing global population. This unique collaboration has made Denmark front-runners in creating solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. It has made major changes possible and has secured Denmark’s global position as a front-runner in resource efficiency. As a business partner to the Danish food cluster, you can expect to benefit highly from the unique Danish collaboration model.

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