Denmark - Leading the Way Towards Healthier Foods




Health - Leading the Way Towards Healthier Foods

The growing need for nutritious food products is top of mind for the Danish food sector and a core aspect of the Sustainable Development Goals. Denmark’s strengths within healthy food innovation are rooted in collaborative research and development.  As science continues to unravel the links between diet and health, new ingredients, foods and solutions are building a platform for healthier lifestyles. As a business partner to the Danish food cluster, you can draw advantage from Denmark’s experience within developing healthy food products and solutions.

Healthy food solutions – a symbol of the Danish mindset

As the world’s population is changing its consumption patterns, the global food industry is encountering new challenges. Today, more than any time in recent history, the global population suffers of rising overweight and obesity levels and lack of access to safe and nutritious food. At the same time, many populations are facing difficulty in even having a wide selection of food available on a daily, continuous basis. All this poses a challenge, since our way of life is deeply affected by the food we eat.

As a business partner to the Danish food cluster, you can draw advantage from Den-mark’s experience within developing healthy food products and solutions

Governmental guidance to a healthier choice

Successive Danish governments actively demonstrate their commitment to improving consumer access to healthier foods. As they do so, new dietary guidelines, research and development partnerships and innovative nutritional solutions will provide ever more targeted nutrition for the society at large. A good example comes from the different partnerships but also from the authorities who are main drivers behind well-known food labels, such as the Keyhole label, and partnerships such as The Innovation Partnership for Healthier Food aiming at increasing the supply of healthy food products and meals.

Healthier products create healthier people

The vast, changing food environment in Denmark is led by close collaboration between the public and the private sector. Food producers and companies invest heavily in research, development and new production methods to producr healthy alternatives to standard foods that do not fail on sensory quality.

Food producers invest heavily in research and development and as a result, several new healthy food solutions are made available to the consumer

A symbol of the Danish approach

Denmark is committed to improving universal access to healthier foods. New initiatives are constantly underway in support of ongoing research, innovation and consumer engagement. Because of the collaborative Danish business culture, and the society-wide and governmental focus on health, developing healthier food products and solutions has become top-of-mind for the Danish food industry. And because of an incentive structure that helps grow consumer markets for healthy products, developing innovative healthy products for the global consumer is also good for business.