Quality and Food Safety in the Danish Food Cluster




Quality & Safety - How Danish standards will benefit your business

Traceability, high quality and food safety are essential ingredients in Danish agriculture and food production. Around the world, Danish agriculture and food products are synonymous with high quality, reliability and excellent hygiene.

High quality is one of the basic values of the Danish food cluster, and we constantly strive to do better by setting the bar higher: Denmark was, for instance, the first country to introduce compulsory pasteurisation of milk – and we have a long tradition of working for a consistently stable quality in our products.

High standards, quality and food safety – by Denmark

The culture for collaboration is at the heart of the Danish approach to food safety and quality. This has been our strength ever since we introduced Danish butter and bacon to European export markets in the late 19th century.

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Across the value chain, the Danish food cluster works together to produce the very best raw materials for food production. Through their best practices, new international standards for quality and safety are often set. Danish quality assurance systems are continuously improved and today they secure full traceability and transparency in the food value chain, enabling a fast response to any food safety threat.

China has identified Denmark as a partner country and a role model for the development of high quality and food safety

Danish know-how and experiences are also exported all around the world, and experience shows that collaboration between governments, producers and consumers is critical to making the food supply system work. A high level of trust when sharing knowledge between stakeholders plays an important role in effective quality assurance that secures the highest possible food safety for consumers.

Collaborative efforts create results along the value chain

The growing global population is putting pressure on food producers to provide a sufficient supply of healthy, safe and accessible food. Finding solutions to this challenge has long been a top priority for Danish authorities, businesses and universities and over the years, their joint efforts have raised international standards for food quality and safety.

Denmark was the first country to introduce compulsory pasteurisation of milk in 1898, the first to ban trans fats in food production and one of the few countries granted special EU status as a producer of salmonella-free poultry.

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Setting the standards for food safety control

An essential aspect of the Danish agriculture and food industry is the shared food quality and safety mindset across the value chain – partly due to a highly effective control system established by governmental authorities and food producers in collaboration. Self-regulation and voluntary agreements contribute to an extremely high level of food traceability and compliance with national and EU food regulations. As a result, the level of trust in our products is high, both at home and abroad. The system is called ‘own controls’, which means companies are required to implement transparent control systems that document the safety and hygiene of their food production and their compliance with legislation. Regular checks by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration ensure these requirements are met.

Denmark has highly developed effective food control systems, carried out in close collaboration between governmental authorities and food producers

Danish contributions to increased quality and food safety are in daily use, both at home and abroad. As a business partner with the Danish food cluster, you have the advantage of working with a certified track record of product safety, quality, and punctuality. You will also be a part of our continuous work to find better solutions, and thereby contributing to achieving our shared sustainability goals and creating solutions for tomorrow – by Denmark.

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