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Solutions of tomorrow

Somewhere in the world, there’s the perfect food business partner for you: A partner who can help grow your business in the global food arena – a business area characterised by enormous growth, due to the fact that the world’s population is accelerating towards 9 billion people.

The Danish food cluster can help grow your business

It’s highly likely that your future food business partner will come from Denmark. Even though our own agricultural area is relatively modest, Danish food production feeds three times our own population. Denmark is one of the market leaders in both primary and processed food production, food equipment and ingredients industry, know-how and research. Doing business with the Danish food cluster, you become a part of tomorrow’s opportunities and solutions. In Denmark, successful researchers, entrepreneurs and food producers are already future bound when it comes to their knowledge of resource efficiency, sustainability, innovation, quality, food safety, organic production and gastronomy.

Danish food production feeds three times our own population

Food Nation is a public-private partnership established by the Danish Government and leading private organisations and companies. On this website, you can explore how Danish know-how can contribute positively to developing your business. Join the Danish food cluster as a business partner or build a career in a field where you will be contributing to creating change and in discover better solutions for tomorrow.

About Food Nation

The Danish food cluster has a strong value chain, covering everything from both primary and processed food production, food technology and ingredients industry, know-how and research to the wide range of products available to the Danish consumer. This has taken time, and it has taken the efforts of many companies, researchers and public and private organisations to make the Danish food industry what it is today.

The Danish food cluster is known for its close and trusted relationships throughout the value chain – which has earned the Danish food industry its good reputation for delivering strong solutions, high quality products and close collaborations.

Axel Månsson

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Solving global food challenges with solutions of tomorrow

The global food supply is facing vast challenges: uneven distribution of food, too many feeling the impact of climate change, undernutrition and overnutrition. As the population continues to grow, this raises an important question: How will we ensure a reliable supply of sustainable safe, high-quality food to consumers all over the world in the future?

Patron of Food Nation

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark is the patron of Food Nation. As a patron, His Royal Highness helps increase the knowledge of Danish food products and solutions to markets around the world.

Hkh. Kronprins Frederik