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Axel Månsson A/S

Embracing the Latest Technology is Key in Upscaling Organic Vegetable Production

Driven by curiousness and always exploring how to expand the production of eggs and vegetables, today Axel Månsson A/S is one of the most productive organic farmers in Denmark.

While the conventional vegetables still form a substantial part of the exports, 1500 out of the total 2200 hectares of production by Axel Månsson A/S are certified organic, and the company is pursuing a stated goal of 100 percent organic vegetable production. Starting with the eggs, the company began the conversion to organic production in 1998 working from the belief that the healthiest choice for humans and soil alike must be the production which is sustained without the use of chemicals.

the organic production includes more than 200,000 laying hens and more than 1000 hectares of vegetables

Testing and embracing new technology as well as heavy investments in future possibilities has been a driving force when developing and upscaling the organic production. This includes using robot technology in the fields and co-building a biogas plant to become self-sufficient of organic fertiliser, while also engaging in research for alternative ways to provide local high-protein fodder.

Likewise, a large test field for new varieties and sorts of vegetables is a necessary playground for development together with investing in packaging and cooling facilities that matches the goals of a sound and sustainable business. Today, the organic production includes more than 230,000 egg laying hens and more than 1000 hectares of vegetables.