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Festivals replace 2 million disposable plastic jars with a new, sustainable alternative

The Danish festivals Northside, Tinderbox, Roskilde and GRØN, in collaboration with the Danish brewery Tuborg (part of the Carlsberg Group), take an important step in the fight against plastic waste and for a more circular business model at festivals. This year, the guests will for the first time consume ice-cold draft beer from sustainable and not least recyclable plastic glasses when the festival season is launched.

Every year, more than 2 million disposable plastic beer mugs are being used when tens of thousands of festival guests have quenched their thirst. But now it’s over. From this year’s festivals, the old disposable plastic jar will have to be used for the benefit of a completely new and sustainable recycled plastic glass, developed by Tuborg in collaboration with NorthSide, Tinderbox, Roskilde festival and GREEN.

The initiative was launched today at Plastic Change (which is an environmental organization) by Tuborg and the four festivals: “This year, Tuborg will literally make life a little greener at the festivals. We are launching new washable plastic glasses that everyone can lease, and we start at the four major festivals that have helped to develop the idea together with Plastic Change. It’s a great day for Tuborg, and a huge step towards reducing unnecessary plastic waste through a more circular business model. The drinking experience is the same or better, but in the future Tuborg will literally take the dishes in our new, mobile dishwasher, ”says Christian Sveigaard, marketing and sponsor director for Tuborg.

Facts about the recycled plastic mug
  • The new recycled plastic glasses have been developed by KIFA Plast in Denmark, who are experts in development and production processes in special solutions such as recycled plastic
  • The new recycled plastic glasses are made of pure polypropylene – also called PP plastic
  • Tuborg provides a new, mobile dishwasher that visits all four festivals
  • The mobile dishwasher will be 13.4 meters long and can handle over 9,000 recycled plastic glasses per hour
  • Washable plastic glasses have been identified by experts as Plastic Change as the most environmentally friendly solution to a major problem of disposable plastic mugs