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Robin Skjoldborg

Denmark’s reputation as a leading gastronomic destination increases

A new report from VisitDenmark shows that tourists are increasingly coming to Denmark to experience the gastronomic scene. In fact, 28% of the tourists who visited Denmark in 2017 can be classified as so-called “gastro tourists”.

1.3 million people. That’s how many tourists came to Denmark in 2017 with a central purpose of experiencing Danish gastronomy in all its aspects. A new report from VisitDenmark has mapped out the tendencies of gastro-tourism both in and outside of the cities in Denmark. The food experiences range from restaurant and café visits to local food markets, hot dog stands or fine-dining experiences. And the conclusion is clear: The Danish gastronomic scene is a central force in attracting tourists to Denmark.

From butter, biscuits and bacon to high-end cuisine

But why is that? Just 20 years ago, many might have laughed out loud hearing that Danish cuisine would be counted among some of the world’s finest. Nevertheless, this is what has happened. Since a group of chefs conceived the Manifesto for New Nordic Cuisine in 2004, restaurant kitchens have driven a rapid transformation. Agriculture, food manufacturers and the political system have since given the movement their full backing – to the benefit of Danish gastronomy.

Denmark’s reputation as a leading gastronomic destination has grown out of a culture for sustainability, cooperation and science along with an increased terroir awareness and organic mindset.

28% of the tourists who visited Denmark in 2017 can be classified as so-called “gastro tourists”

This culture keeps developing new exciting products, solutions and partnerships within the Danish gastronomic scene. The result is that 72% of gastro tourists are recommending Denmark as a tourist destination due to their food experiences.

Gastro tourists are satisfied and want to come back

And it seems that tourists agree on the success of the Danish gastronomic scene. If you ask the gastro tourists to judge their overall experience in Denmark from 1-5, the is about 4.5. They’re actually so satisfied, that 58% are considering to re-visit Denmark in two years.

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Source: VisitDenmark