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World cup grass seeds and green fiber bottles: Here are 2018’s top 10 news and cases

At the beginning of a new year, it’s always nice to look back on the year that passed. In Food Nation, we’re looking back on an eventful year. The launch of our Visitor Centre, the publication of two white papers and both attending and hosting several events with interesting persons and organisations made 2018 a great year for Food Nation.

On our site, we’re eagerly documenting news and cases from the Danish food arena– and you, the readers, are becoming increasingly interested in these. So we put together this recap of our most read cases and news in 2018 to read or re-read. Enjoy!

Top 10 cases
  1. Danish vegetables produced with minimal amounts of pesticides
  2. Green fiber bottle is an important step for a greener future
  3. Danish dairy started the organic revolution
  4. The Danish creation of new Nordic cuisine
  5. From green herbage to protein feed
  6. How collaboration increases the market share of organic products
  7. Danish bacterial culture to reduce food waste
  8. Thanks to collaboration, Danish milk can be screened faster
  9. Danish produced rennet helps farmers in Colombia
  10. Danish farmers lead the way in precision agriculture


Top 10 news
  1. Denmark is the main supplier of grass seeds for the world cup in russia
  2. New white paper: The Danish food arena invites you to take part in the gastronomic journey
  3. New national Danish strategy for circular economy
  4. Denmark takes the lead within sustainable fishery
  5. Danish restaurant owners take the lead: commits to un principles for social responsibility
  6. New white paper: The Danish food cluster’s solutions to the global food quality and safety challenges
  7. Danish companies will soon visit Mexico
  8. Leftover bread turned into sustainable pasta
  9. Food loss and waste – solutions of tomorrow by Denmark
  10. The Food Nation Visitor Centre is open