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Niclas Jessen

New white paper: The Danish food arena invites you to take part in the gastronomic journey

Today, Food Nation launches a new white paper on Danish gastronomy during a trade promotion in Rome focusing on gastronomy and sustainability with The Crown Prince Couple of Denmark. The white paper presents solutions within Danish gastronomy from farm to fork and invites the whole world to collaborate with the Danish food arena.

43% of foreign tourists highlight Danish restaurants as one of the reasons for choosing Denmark as a tourist destination

Denmark has always been known for bacon, butter and biscuits. And if anyone had said that Denmark was destined to be a leading star on the culinary skyline 20 years ago, most people would have laughed out loud.

Since the Manifesto for New Nordic Cuisine was conceived in 2004, restaurants have driven a rapid transformation. New Nordic restaurants like Noma has put Denmark on the world map as a gastronomic nation as well as food producers and the political system has given Danish gastronomy their full support – to the interest of the whole world. The purpose of the new white paper is to showcase Denmark’s gastronomic position and to create new cooperation between international stakeholders and actors in the Danish gastronomic scene.

It’s never just food

Danish gastronomy spans a wide array of ambitious restaurants, businesses and projects. In the white paper, you can read how Danish innovation and re-thinking within gastronomy contributes both socially and sustainably. From socioeconomic chef schools in Bolivia, over sustainable cider production to molecular gastronomy and fine dining, Denmark widens the understanding of gastronomy. ‘Good food’ is just not enough. It must be sustainably produced, economically as well as environmentally, and be of the highest possible quality. In collaboration with scientists, between companies and citizens, the Danish food cluster excels in ground-breaking innovation in every step of the food value chain.

Sustainable gastronomy is about how we use gastronomy to help solve global sustainability challenges, whether environmental, social or economic

Fine dining for the whole world

Around 40% of the exported Danish food products are high value goods – that is, products that are highly specialized. The Danish food cluster has a history in reaching out internationally, collaborating at all levels of the food value chain – from farm to factory. Maybe that is why students from all over the world comes to one of the many Danish food educational institutes to learn about cooking, nutrition, farming and chemistry.

Gastronomy for the future

Danish gastronomy is more than just good food. Scientists, farmers, chefs, small and big businesses and innovators collaborate to create some of the best, most sustainable and delicious food experiences and products in the world. The white paper is a catalogue of some of the unique examples from the Danish food arena –  showcasing fine cuisine, interesting collaborations, delicious products and ground-breaking food solutions of tomorrow.

Read the white paper here