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Danish companies will soon visit Mexico

The delegation will take place from the 22th-27th of April 2018, and Esben Lunde Larsen, the Danish Minister for Environment & Food, Karen Hækkerup, CEO of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council will join several Danish companies on the visit.

The Danish companies have succeded internationally through a close cooperation between partners along the entire value chain. Close cooperation and exchanging of ideas with customers is an essential factor in creating value and implementing efficient and sustainable solutions in the food industry. On the official visit to Mexico there will be business meetings between Danish and Mexican companies within the food cluster and visits to Mexican food producers, eg. PROAN the largest producer og proteins (egg, pork and diary) in Mexico.

The purpose of the visit is to explore possibilities for a closer cooperation between Danish and Mexican actors, and to find solutions to becoming even more efficient and sustainable.

The innovative and international approach by the Danish companies are characterized by a close cooperation between partners along the entire value chain. The close cooperation and sharing and exchanging views on improving the entire value chain, strengthens business in both Mexico and Denmark.

These Danish companies join the visit to Mexico:c