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Denmark is the main supplier of grass seed for the world cup in Russia

In the upcoming World Cup in Russia, 8 out of 12 stadiums have chosen seeds by the Danish company DLF. This is the third time in a row where the World Cup will feature grass delivered by the Danish company.

In this summer’s biggest sporting event, the Danish food cluster includes one of the main suppliers. In 8 out of the 12 stadiums in this year’s World Cup, the grass seed will come from the Danish seed company, DLF. This includes the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow where the final will be played on the 15th of July 2018.

Russia covers a vast area and very different summers and winters depending on whether you are at the coast or inland. That means that what works in one stadium does not necessarily work in another. However DLF’s plant breeders have succeeded in developing a new type of extra stress tolerant lawn, which has a high tolerance for disease and dry stress and deeper root system, as well as having high durability and strength.

DLF already supplies grass to some of the biggest clubs in the world – including several in the Premier League – and is known for being very forgiving to both harsh use by the players and sudden shifts in climate conditions.

Grass is not only for sport activities. New research shows that grass could be a new protein source for humans. Would you dare to eat grass? Read more here.

Source: DLF