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ISM – Largest Trade Fair for Sweets and Snacks

Meet Danish food companies at the world’s largest trade fair for sweets and snacks from April 23th to 25th, in Cologne, Germany. ProSweets and ISM Cologne covers the entire value chain of the industry.

Bio Aus Dänemark is organising a stand at the international trade fair, to represent the largest Danish firms within the sweets industry. Experience and taste Danish products from chocolate and confectionary, to biscuits and delicious snacks in Hall 11.1, 11.2 and 2.3.

With its multifaceted range of offers, ISM Cologne reflects the entire spectrum of products on the sweets and snacks market.

ISM and ProSweets offer the complete range of supplies for the sweets and snacks industry: From innovative ingredients to pioneering packing solutions, to optimised production technologies. Visit the trade fair and experience; chocolate and chocolate products, sugar confectionery, biscuits, snack foods, savory ready-to-eat snacks, fruit and vegetable snacks, breakfast incl. coffee and tea, ice cream, deep-frozen confectioneries and trade associations.

Why join?

Are you interested in finding new inspiration and innovation within the field of confectionery and snacks? Or do you simply have a sweet tooth? Then you should not miss out on the ISM trade fair. With constant changes in consumer needs, new nutritional trends and product innovations will be showcased at ISM and Prosweets.

ISM and Prosweets are picking up on trends and enhancing their product worlds with new theme areas to do with sweet and savory in-between snacks.

Participating Danish companies

The Danish stand is organised by Bio Aus Dänemark.



For additional information regarding the exhibitors, please visit the website.


Gulfood 2023

Meet 25 Danish companies at this year’s Gulfood in Dubai. Gulfood is one of the world’s largest annual business-to-business food & beverage exhibitions, welcoming food and beverage professionals from all corners of the globe.

Launched as a biennial event in 1987, the exhibition has grown to promote food and beverage trade between more than 125 countries annually, enabling 5000+ providers of raw materials and ingredients to showcase the latest trends and innovations that are shaping the future of food and beverage consumption worldwide.

The 5 days of exhibition take place in Dubai World Trade Centre – a central hub for international trade and commerce.


  1. Famobra A/S
  2. Gumlink Confectionery Company A/S
  3. Food with you
  4. Jacobsens Bakery Ltd A/S
  5. Osterberg Foods A/S
  6. MultiMarketing
  7. Landshandilin
  8. Scandic Food A/S
  9. Free Company A/S
  10. Northern Greens A/S
  11. Jensens Pancakes


  1. Atlas Food A/S
  2. Envases Europe A/S
  3. ESS-Food A/S
  4. Danish Crown
  5. Noridane Foods A/S
  6. Nowaco A/S
  7. Robert Damkjær A/S
  8. Thomson Foodline
  9. Danfond A/S
  10. Tomex Danmark A/S


  1. DANÆG Products A/S
  2. Fayrefield Foods A/S
  3. Nordex Food A/S
  4. Smilla Food A/S

FOODEX JAPAN 2023 Seminar: Safe & Sustainable from Denmark – Conventional, Plant Based and Organic 

Join us at FOODEX JAPAN SEMINAR in EAST HALL 3: ‘Safe & Sustainable from Denmark – Conventional, Plant based and Organic’ –  How sustainable products and solutions can ensure nutritious and safe food for everyone. At the seminar,  you will meet leading high-level profiles from the Danish agricultural and food scene.  

Denmark will once again take part in FoodEx Japan, with the 2023 theme “Total Solution of Food”. The high standard of food quality, organic, and sustainability within the Danish products will be represented at the Danish Pavillion.

Sustainable, organic and high-quality food supply is the backbone of the Danish agriculture and food industry. Driven by a collaborative approach across nations allow the food sector to offer innovative and sustainable food products. Full list of participating firms can be seen below.

Join the seminar to find inspiration to future production and experience how cooperation throughout the food value chain can create stronger sustainable business.  



Moderator Mrs. Lise Walbom, CEO, Food Nation  

Opening remarks
Mr. Jacob Jensen, Danish Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries  

Insight Report 2022 on Japan market
Mrs. Mie Ole Lauritzen, Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Food Nation

Organic food service products developed with a touch of innovation and with a focus on sustainability
Mrs. Mette Ring O’Donnell, Director, Food Service at Østerberg Foods 

Plant-based, high-quality and sustainable diet through organic plant-based protein products
Mr. Ulrich Kern-Hansen, Founder and Chairman of The Board at Organic Plant Protein 

Closing remarks
Mrs. Lise Walbom, CEO, Food Nation 


The seminar is presented by: 


In collaboration with:



The following Danish companies will be present at FOODEX:

Join us at the Danish stand for delicious tasters and informative dialogues.

Learn more on: FOODEX JAPAN.


Biofach 2023

BIOFACH 2023: Explore Denmark’s organic solutions at the Nuremberg fair. 

The leading organic food sector gathers once again at BIOFACH in Nuremberg, Germany from the 14th to 17th of February. Come by the Danish pavillion to visit more than 40 food companies, offering organic and innovative products; see the full list below.

Denmark will be represented at Biofach, to enhance the leading Danish providers within organic and climate-friendly food production. The Danish joint looks forward to welcoming all participants in hall 6, at stands 6-111, 6-125, 6-135.

BIOFACH is the world’s leading trade fair, gathering stakeholders from different areas of the value chain, that share the same values and environmental desires for the food industry. As the international interest for an organic and sustainable future continues to grow, a variety of international stands will allow for sharing of ideas, inspiration and innovation within the organic community.

Taking part in the organic food fair allows for:

  • Networking: Over 40 companies from all areas of Denmark are participating at the fair, in order to establish global connections.
  • Experiencing: The perfect place to experience the innovative trends and developments that act as a foundation for Denmark’s sustainable food production.
  • Learning: An exchange of ideas and perspectives will satisfy one’s hunger for knowledge from Danish proffesionals within the field.

The following Danish companies are present at Biofach 2023:


For more information, visit Danish Organics.

INVITATION: Nye markedsmuligheder for plantebaserede fødevarer i Benelux og Tyskland

Den tyske regering har fokus på plantebaserede fødevarer, og tyske forbrugere spiser plantebaseret som aldrig før. I Benelux er markedet for plantebaserede produkter i en stabil udvikling, og der investeres i innovation for mere bæredygtig fødevareproduktion.

Få indsigt i det plantebaserede marked i Benelux og Tyskland 1. marts 2023: På dagen lancerer vi et eksportforløb for virksomheder, der ønsker sparring på eksport til Benelux og Tyskland. Forløbet omfatter bl.a. to studieture til de respektive markeder i foråret 2023, hvor deltagende virksomheder vil møde relevante beslutningstagere hos potentielle partnere og kunder.

Arrangementet er særlig relevant for virksomheder, der arbejder med plantebaserede fødevarer og eksportambitioner, men alle fødevareinteressenter er velkomne.

Det er gratis at deltage i hele arrangementet. Oplæggene vil foregå på engelsk.


Indregistrering og netværksfrokost


  • Velkomst 
    Jan Laustsen, direktør for Handel, Marked & Ernæring, Landbrug & Fødevarer
  • Opdatering fra markederne Belgien og Nederlandende
    Emma van Leenen, markedsekspert 
    Introduktion til markedet for plantebaserede fødevarer i Benelux med særligt blik på nuværende trends og udviklingen de kommende år; Lokale forbrugere, producenter og detailsektoren samt indblik i projekter og netværk, der er særligt interessante for danske producenter.
  • Opdatering fra det tyske marked
    Markus Merkle, adm. direktør og Sarah Bastian, projektleder, Marketingbureauet Blumberg i Esslingen, Tyskland
    Overblik over det tyske marked for plantebaserede fødevarer, herunder den aktuelle udvikling og fremtidige nøgletrends; Tyske kunders adfærd, værdier og (uopfyldte) behov.
  • Virksomhedsperspektiv
    Hør fra virksomheder, der allerede eksporterer aktivt til markederne: Succeser og udfordringer.
  • Studierejser: Hvad kan du forvente?
    Tanja Asmussen og Steen Thorsted, Trade Council Berlin og Bruxelles

Afsluttende spørgsmål og bemærkninger

Der er sat tid af til spørgsmål efter hvert programpunkt. Moderator er Lise Walbom, direktør i Food Nation.

Vi glæder os til at byde jer velkommen.


Global Tech Trend Conference

Precision Agriculture and Biosolutions – Serious contributions to the Green Agenda in Farming and Food.

Join the Global Tech Trend conference where you will get new knowledge about the technological trends of tomorrow and their potential impact on how we run and operate our businesses and society. During the conference, Food Nation will host a seminar on one of the top fields at the conference: Precision Agriculture and Biosolutions.

On December 15 the conference will feature 7 sessions dedicated to exploring the future of tech within 7 fields; Lifescience, industry, Quantum, food and bio, connectivity, online commerce, and clean tech. You will get inspirational examples of tech trends from the innovation centres in Shanghai, Seoul, Bangalore, Tel Aviv, Munich, Boston and Silicon Valley.

Zooming in on the theme of Precision Agriculture and Biosolutions you can join our seminar in the session ‘Precision Agriculture and Biosolutions’, Room 1, 13:00 – 14:15. See the full program here.

Read more about Global Tech Trends here.

Program on the seminar: ‘Biosolutions and Precision Agriculture’

  • 13.00: Welcome
    • Lise Walbom, CEO of Food Nation
  • Scope of precision agriculture solutions in India
    • Joseph Kurian, Innovation Advisor in Bangalore will be covering the tech trend on Precision Agriculture.
  • Environmental friendly technologies of tomorrow’s global challenges – Opportunities for biosolutions in the US
    • Ines Benabida, Innovation Advisor in Boston will be covering the tech trend on Biosolutions.
  • Panel: Precision Agriculture and Biosolutions – Serious contributions to the Green Agenda in Farming and Food
    • Thomas Stenfeldt Batchelor, Vice President of Agriculture Marketing & Strategy, Novozymes.
    • Svend Christensen, Head of Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, University of Copenhagen.
  • 14.15: Wrap up


Innovation Centre Denmark is an organization that stems from an inter-ministerial partnership whose mission is to elevate Danish science and innovation through collaborations with world-leading innovation ecosystems and ultimately strengthen Danish innovation, development, growth, and employment. Its areas of expertise include life science, green transition, and technology. The project was mandated by the Danish Government through The Government’s Action Plan for Economic Diplomacy, with the ambition to uncover how and on which areas, technology will have an impact or domination on the future of business science and innovation.


In a world witnessing the need for environmental-friendly technologies that solve societal issues, biological solutions have progressively imposed themselves as being critical to addressing tomorrow’s different Biotech Spaces challenges. It is important that the development of alternative proteins address the need for much more sustainable food production, especially when it comes to fermentation and cell-structured meat spaces.

Precision Agriculture

Agricultural technology (Agtech) provides timely, accurate, site-specific crop information by among other things, monitoring the soil and plant physicochemical parameters and obtaining data in real-time. It will revolutionise the lives of people who work in agriculture and for those depending on the ecosystems. With a market of farmers willing to adopt new technologies and a country with a wide range of geo-climatic conditions, India is an ideal place to develop precision agriculture solutions.

The conference is hosted by partnership between TechBBQ and Innovation Centre Denmark.

Agromek – Northern Europe’s largest agricultural fair

Visit Northern Europe’s largest agricultural fair and experience four days packed with innovation, networking, and trade.

For more than 40 years, Agromek has brought together the agricultural industry, its suppliers, customers, and partners in one big fair with seven sectors. Agromek are always pleased to receive visitors from abroad. Therefore, Agromek offers you free entry when you register online.

Days of Future

At Agromek 2022, you can experience the future and innovation area Days of Future with four themed days – Future Food, Future Digital Solutions, Future Machinery and Friday Future Ownership. Through exhibitions and discussions, Agromek will highlight some of the issues facing agriculture now and in the future.

Agromek Stars

Experience the biggest product news in the agricultural sector! At each Agromek, the most innovative new products are honoured with one, two or three stars. The products will be presented at the trade fair and the best products will receive an Agromek Award at the awards show at the fair.

Big focus on biogas

At Agromek you can discover the inspiring biogas area and learn about the rapidly developing world of biogas. Here you can see the newest products and solutions and meet the leading companies in the industry.

COP27: Steering the green transition in agriculture and food production

Join us at COP27 at the Danish Pavilion: ‘Steering the green transition in agriculture and food production –  How innovative solutions can both ensure safe and nutritious food and be part of the solution to address the climate crisis’. At the side event, you will meet leading high-level profiles from the Danish and international agricultural and food scene. 

Climate change, climate variability, and extremes are affecting agricultural productivity, food production, and natural resources, with huge impacts on food systems – especially on the African continent.  

A transition to more sustainable food systems is needed to combat climate change effectively. The intersection between food systems and climate is clear, and there is a real need to connect the two. 

Therefore, we must ensure efficient and sustainable food production where everyone, everywhere has regular access to enough nutritious food.  

It is about joining forces enabling us to bring together the best of our joint expertise in supply chains and sustainable agriculture and deliver value to farmers, businesses, and the climate.  

The side event is part of the AIM for Climate Roadshow at COP27. It will showcase how climate-smart agriculture and innovative solutions can empower agriculture and food production to be part of the solution to address the climate crisis and at the same time ensure a safe, nutritious, and reliable supply of food for all. Read more about AIM for Climate here.  


Moderator Lise Walbom, CEO, Food Nation 

Opening remarks: The importance of the green transition within the agriculture and food sector to meet the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Tomas Anker Christensen, Danish Climate Ambassador 
  • Fatema Aref Almulla, Director of Partnerships & Special Department at Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, UAE 

Panel discussion: The African journey towards food security by climate-friendly and sustainable solutions within agriculture and food production  

  • Theresa Wong, Regional Office for the Near East and North Africa at FAO 
  • Berry Marttin, President, EACB & Member of the Board at Rabobank
  • Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli, Co-Founder and Executive Chair at Sahel Consulting
  • Loureen Akinyi Awuor, Chief of Staff & Head of Partnerships, Kenya National Farmers’ Federation
  • Morten Enggaard Rasmussen,  EVP, Sustainability & Brand at Novozymes
  • Hanne Søndergaard, EVP and Chief Agriculture and Sustainability Officer at Arla Foods 

Closing remarks
Lise Walbom, CEO, Food Nation 

The side event is presented by:


In corporation with:


Nordic Food & Beverage Days

Danish food and beverage companies are showcasing their products and solutions at the Nordic Food & Beverage Days in Seoul, South Korea 31 October to November 1. 

Denmark is joining forces with the Finnish and Swedish Embassies in South Korea this year to organize the Nordic Food & Beverage Days in Korea – a business platform for food and beverage companies aspiring to strengthen their existing business.

Market Information

South Korea is often overlooked when companies are looking for new markets in Asia. Thanks to years of rapid economic development South Korea is now the 10th largest economy in the world and the 4th largest in Asia, with a population above 51 million people and 50 percent living in the Seoul Capital Area.

The South Korean market is characterized by rapid urbanization and a young population with sophisticated taste. South Koreans demand high-quality F&B products as well as unique dining experiences. This creates a solid and increasing demand for Nordic products that are associated with high quality and high food safety.

Meet the Following companies from the Nordic countries

The event takes place as a collaboration between the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Embassy in Seoul with Food Nation along with the Finnish and Swedish Embassies in Seoul as branding partners.

China International Import Expo (CIIE)

Meet Danish food and agriculture companies at China International Import Expo (CIIE) for the fifth time this year. The exhibition runs over five days and takes place on the 5-10th of November 2022 in Shanghai.

China is a key export market for Danish food and agricultural companies, and CIIE is thus one of the most important Chinese exhibitions for Danish food, supplements and beverages companies. The 5th China International Import Expo (CIIE) will be held in Shanghai from November 5th to 10th. It is a grand event initiated by the Chinese government to firmly support trade liberalization and open its market to the world. CIIE  facilitates countries and regions all over the world to strengthen economic cooperation and trade and to promote global trade and world economic growth in order to make the world economy more open.

Danish Food Pavilion

You can visit the Danish Food Pavilion at CIIE in C4-01, Hall 2.2, Food and Agricultural Products Exhibition Area. The Danish pavilion is organised by the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Royal Danish Consulate General in Shanghai and Food Nation as a branding partner. The Danish pavilion offers a unique opportunity for buyers and business owners to gain insights from their business peers and help buyers to identify unique products from the Danish food sector. The Danish pavilion showcases interesting segments including chocolate, fish, dairy, fruit solutions and more.

Meet the following Danish companies

Danish Green Pavilion

China has set ambitious climate targets – peak in 2030 and neutral in 2060. Denmark is also working towards its national climate goals – reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2030 (from 1990) and become climate neutral by 2050. The Danish Green Pavilion at CIIE 2022 is the perfect opportunity for Danish companies to showcase their solutions, exchange knowledge and experience with the Chinese decision-makers, experts and journalists.

You can visit the Danish Green Transition Pavilion at CIIE in 3C5 – 02, Hall 3.1. The Danish Green Pavilion is organized by the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Beijing, Danish Export Association as the co-organizer, The Trade Council as the co-financer and State of Green as the branding partner.  9 Danish leading companies will participate the Danish Green Pavilion at CIIE 2022, they are all working with green solutions, including cleantech, sustainable coating solutions, intelligent metering solutions and more.

Meet the following exhibitors