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Join Danish delegation in California for climate smart dairy production and biogas solutions

The Danish Minister for Food, Agriculture, and Fisheries, Jacob Jensen, will lead a business delegation to California from September 9-13, 2024.

This visit will focus on exploring opportunities within dairy farming, dairy processing, and biogas sectors, aligning with California’s commitment to green transitions and sustainable practices.

Key focus areas

  • Danish dairy farmers and their suppliers are renowned for their high productivity and low greenhouse gas emissions. Their expertise and cutting-edge technologies are in high demand, particularly in California’s progressive agricultural sector.
  •  Denmark is a leader in biogas production, offering sustainable solutions that are crucial for the green transition in agriculture. This delegation will showcase these advancements, emphasizing the mutual benefits of collaboration.

Engage with Danish government representatives, companies and organizations

During the visit, the Danish delegation will meet with key decision-makers in California’s dairy and biogas industries. This is an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to engage directly with Danish experts and explore potential collaborations.


Why meet with the Danish delegation in California?

  • Discover Danish technologies and practices that lead the way in sustainable dairy farming and biogas production.
  • Engage with world-leading experts and explore partnerships that can drive mutual success in green transition efforts.

Stay tuned for further details on specific meetings and networking opportunities where you can connect with the Danish delegation. We look forward to fostering productive dialogues and collaborations during this visit.



Danish Agriculture & Food Council, Danish Industry, Danish Chamber of Commerce, and Trade Council’s food & agriculture team in North America have cooperated on this delegation with Food Nation as a branding partner