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Danish Agro & Biogas Alliance –  Poland 2024

Advancing Sustainable Agriculture and Energy Solutions

Join us for a key event highlighting the agro and biogas sectors. The event offers a unique opportunity to connect with Danish companies at the forefront of innovative and sustainable green energy solutions.

Strengthening Partnerships

Leveraging the strong trade relations and shared commitment to climate-friendly practices, this event is focused on transforming the agricultural sector into a more sustainable and efficient model.

Connect and Innovate

Engage with leading Danish businesses to explore advanced solutions in areas like automation, biogas, and sustainable agriculture. This is an opportunity to network, gain insights into cutting-edge technologies, and discover how these can be integrated into your operations for a greener future.

Why Attend?

Participate in this event to form valuable business relationships, learn about the latest sustainable technologies, and contribute to the growth and innovation in the agro and biogas sectors. You can meet: