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Norbech A/S

Automated Shrimp Peeling in an All-in-One Machine

Reliance on expensive manual peeling used to be unavoidable in the shrimp and prawn business, as certain species were unsuitable for the available machines. That meant seacooked Pandalus Borealis shrimp, for example, were transported to countries with low labour costs – a journey that added to their carbon footprint and compromised freshness.

Today, the Danish company Norbech has solved this challenge with their peeling machine – the SeaPeeler Flex.

The SeaPeeler Flex gathers the entire peeling process in one flexible and compact machine that saves space on the factory floor and and reduces the labour costs. Easy to install on existing lines, the system can handle most types and sizes of shrimp and prawn.


The SeaPeeler Flex increases peeling capacity for sea-cooked Pandalus Borealis by at least 300%, protecting freshness at the same time  

Compared to other machine peelers, the SeaPeeler Flex technology provides opportunities to increase capacity or save up to 70% on water consumption, depending on the product type. Norbech has based the machine on a 360° rotating roller design. As each roller is only active when peeling shells, maintenance is low – saving time and costs. Another timesaving feature of the gentle and efficient roller action is that it removes accumulated shells as it peels.

The technology adapts easily to the varying needs of individual markets, resulting in shrimp and prawn business that always meets the markets expectations of highquality products with an appealing fresh colour and flavour.