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Thyborøn Trawldoors

Controllable Trawldoors Protect the Seabed

Bottom trawling accounts for almost a quarter of global wild fish landings. Using traditional methods, that can have negative  impact on the seabed – a problem one Danish company has determined to resolve. 

Thyborøn Trawldoors has long experience in tailoring trawl doors to the needs of pelagic, semi-pelagic and bottom fishing all over the world. One of their solutions – the Thyboron type 32 Bluestream remote-control trawl door – could be the future for fishers who struggle with bottom contact when trawling. 

The doors are fitted with an electronic device which is connected to the bridge either by hydrophones on the bottom of the vessel or by a wi-fi solution. Precision position control enables fishers to continue fishing as normal. The only change is that the trawl doors are positioned so there is little or no contact with the seabed.

This small adjustment prevents disruption of sensitive eco-systems and reduces fuel consumption at the same time

Using the specially designed trawl doors, it can support fishers opportunity of obtaining and maintaining Marine Stewardship Council certification.