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Nordic Kingfish

Denmark at the Forefront of Innovative Fish Production

The Danish company, Nordic Kingfish, runs an innovative production with their on-shore fish farm that makes it possible to control water temperature and salt concentration. This solution could reduce the transportation of fish to Denmark drastically.

Around the world, fish is in high demand. It is tasty, healthy and a key ingredient in several cuisines. But, with overfishing being a growing concern, the global food industry is forced to find new, innovative ways to produce. With the on-shore production facilities at Nordic Kingfish, Denmark is leading the way in an innovative and sustainable way.

On-shore fish farms with high water recycling

The Danish solution is an on-shore fish farm that makes it possible to control water temperature and salinity. This way, fish that require particular water characteristics can now be produced in Denmark, which reduces costs and burdens of transportation. In addition, the Danish production is among the greenest in the world as 95% of the water can be recirculated.

95% of the water can be recirculated in the Danish on-shore fish production

Innovative Danish production

Denmark is at the forefront of meeting rising global demands in an environmental friendly way. The facilities of Nordic Kingfish are the latest addition to an already impressive, innovative production and the new unique way of producing fish will most certainly be a game changer in on-shore fish farming. When Nordic Kingfish’ on-shore farm is fully enlarged, 4-5,000 tonnes of fish will be produced annually making it the largest on-shore fish farm in Europe.