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Royal Greenland

Closer collaboration leads to innovation and higher product quality

In the Greenlandic fishing company, Royal Greenland, they are reaping the fruits of a closely collaborating value chain and now provides even higher quality cod to global consumers.

One of the largest challenges facing the global food industry today is the importance of obtaining an efficient and well-organised value chain. Some benefits of a closely connected value chain in the fishing industry are fresher fish of higher quality for the consumer and less waste.

Innovative Concept from Royal Greenland

Royal Greenland has launched a concept that leads to a fresher, whiter and tastier cod. The name of Royal Greenland’s concept is Nutaaq® – which means ‘new’ in Greenlandic. Through the close collaboration from the local fishermen and throughout the value chain, cod from the Nutaaq® scheme will have a maximum of two hours from water to freezer. Altogether, this secures cod that looks, cooks and tastes better.

The result is a high-quality fish product that tastes better and is produced with minimum impact on the environment

Traditional low impact fishing methods and higher quality

Danish food companies are always working towards more sustainable production methods. The fishing of Nutaaq® takes place in shallow waters with net traps that the cod swim into themselves without being able to escape. This fishing method leaves the seabed untouched and is carried out from small boats and dinghies that have low fuel consumption.

The result is a high-quality fish product that tastes better and is produced in a sustainable way. The Nutaaq® programme shows how Danish companies obtain several benefits from its culture of close collaboration across the value chain.