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DSI Dantech

Ultra-Fast Freezing Preserves Seafood Quality

Effective and rapid freezing of bulk and block seafood products is a must in the fishing industry. As global demand for seafood grows, traditional, non-contact freezing methods as they fall short on quality, energy efficiency and speed.

The Danish company DSI Dantech aims to meet the needed change by transforming the industry and creating cutting-edge products that benefit the environment and the customer’s budget. 

The world’s first one-stop supplier of mechanical, cryogenic and plate freezing technology, DSI Dantech delivers customised freezing solutions to processing plants and fishing vessels. Each solution is designed to freeze large quantities of fish and shellfish rapidly and consistently.  

Plate freezing has revolutionised the process with its short freezing cycle, which cuts freezing time from 18 to 36 hours to as little as two to four hours 

Applicable to bulk and packaged seafood in cartons and trays, plate freezing can be tailored to optimise the utilisation rate and minimise waste – improving profits in the process.  

Rapid freezing also prevents shrinkage and reduces enzyme activity, which can lead to biochemical and microbial changes with an impact on seafood quality. So, when the products are prepared for consumption, their appearance, aroma, taste and nutritional content are all intact. 

DSI Dantech’s range of high-tech products includes vertical plate freezers, horizontal freezers and customised automation solutions for high safety and hygiene and reduced handling.