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High-tech and Energy Efficient Shrimp Factory at Sea

The North Atlantic Ocean between Canada and Greenland is an extremely demanding water to sail and fish in. In addition to difficult waters, today’s trawlers are at sea for up to 300 days a year, which places extremely high demands on both vessels and on the production equipment and process line on board.

The Danish company Intech is specialized in complete on- and offboard processing solutions for the fishing industry together with tray denesters and other process equipment to the food industry. Therefore, it was also the ones that Canadian Newfound Resources Limited reached out to as they were about to make a whole new trawler type – which would prove to be Canada’s first green shrimp vessel.

Efficiency at sea

Intech was awarded the contract to build a complete shrimp factory on board the NewFoundland Victor shrimp trawler supplying all of the equipment to the factory including a by-catch separator, shrimp graders, continuous shrimp cookers which saves energy by maintaining the temperature, freezing tunnel for freezing shrimp, automatic weighing of shrimp in sacks, complete package line where cooked and frozen shrimp is packed in boxes or sacks and passed on to palletizing and palletizing system. The entire system is manufactured to make all work processes easier and less manual.

The trawler has set a production record of 130 tonnes of finished shrimp in one day

First environmentally friendly fishing vessel

The result is a fully automatic, streamlined, sailing shrimp factory which is also the first environmentally friendly fishing vessel in Canada. In order to become what’s called a clean ship, Newfound Resources had to obtain a certification proving it to be a high-tech and energy efficient vessel.

The fishing vessel is approx. 88 meters long and 18 meters wide with an 800 tons of cargo space which allows it to be at sea for up to 14 days in a row before the load is full. The trawler has already set a production record of 130 tonnes of finished shrimp in one day, due to a stable, efficient and highly durable process line.