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Eat Grim

Imperfect Fruits and Veggies are the New Black

15 tons of organic ugly-by-nature and surplus fruits and vegetables are saved every week through Eat Grim’s platform for ugly and surplus fruits and vegetables.  By delivering produce, that would otherwise be wasted in today’s food value chain, directly from organic European farmers to consumers, the Danish  scale-up Eat Grim fights food waste and saves crooked shapes, discoloured and different sized fruits and vegetables.   

One in three pieces of fruits and vegetables is discarded because of overproduction and looking imperfect globally. Just in Europe, 50 million tons of fruits and vegetables are wasted every year despite being fully edible, which could feed 190 million households weekly all year around.

Room for the crooked produce

With standards imposed by supermarkets, consumers and the European Union on how fresh produce must look like in terms of shape, size and colour, farmers often need to overproduce with 20-30% to make sure they sell enough first-class fruits and vegetables. Crooked and discoloured fruits and vegetables do therefore not have a shelf in supermarkets but are welcome in Eat Grim’s boxes.

Since 2018, 750 tons of fruits and vegetables have been saved altogether and each week 15 tons of fruits and vegetables are saved

Tasty food waste gets a second chance

Eat Grim provides a digital platform through which crooked and discoloured produce are saved and sold to private customers and businesses through a subscription solution. By trading directly with farmers, Eat Grim cuts the retail trade as an intermediary in the supply chain, which ensures that farmers can sell more of their yield and thus minimise food waste.

Today, Eat Grim works with a supplier network of 40 organic farms across Europe and saves up to 15 tons of food on a weekly basis. Since the beginning of 2018, they have saved more than 750 tons food altogether.