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Osterberg Foods A/S

Creating Tasteful Fruit and Plant-based Drinks From a Sustainable Point of View

By producing organic, all-natural fruits and plant-based beverages with sustainably sourced ingredients from around the world, Osterberg Foods seeks to inspire people to choose foods that ensure a healthier and more sustainable future in developing countries.

In a world of constant change we are facing major challenges that concern the environment and global human health. We all have a responsibility to minimise negative impact, and for Osterberg Foods, this means ensuring an increasing number of products fit for future demands with regard to concerns for the environment, human health and social wellbeing.

Locally sourced ingredients supporting farmers economy

Osterberg Foods is developing organic all-natural fruit and plant-based drinks free from added sugar with ingredients from all around the world. By selecting fruits and herbs from mainly developing countries, Osterberg Foods help boost the local agricultural industry where it is most needed.

Osterberg Foods seek for local solutions throughout the supply chain to combat the global challenges, by e.g. involving in a number of fresh fruit processing and farming projects.

The more fruit that is harvested and processed in developing countries, the more work Osterberg Foods generates locally, giving each farmer more financial resources and at the same time creating new business opportunities. A small step to fight poverty and hunger.

“Taste the world” uses fruits from all over the world and boosts local agricultural industries

Product line that supports the Sustainable Development Goals

Osterberg Foods has launched a food service range called “Taste the World” with the focus on using fruits from all over the world and introducing it to the more resourceful parts of the world, like Europe. Using for instance lucuma, guava, baobab and jackfruit requires sourcing the fruits from very specific places in the world. Osterberg Foods especially focuses on the Far East and Africa, where development in the agricultural industry is essential in order to reach the Sustainable Development Goals.

The products are packed and distributed as sustainably as possible, so they can be made available around the world, targeting a broad spectrum of markets. This way, Osterberg Foods aims at making the world a little bit more sustainable every day by producing and selling fruit-based drinks all over the world.