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Maersk Container Industry AS

Cool Tech Keeps Fruit Fresh in Transit

A third of all food loss occurs post-harvest – on the journey from the producer to market. Primary causes include poor storage facilities and transport delays. The varying storage requirements of perishable foods are another complicating factor. Fruits such as bananas and blueberries, for example, require quite different conditions to stay fresh in transit.

The Danish company Maersk Container Industry (MCI) has the solution to all needs – in the shape of refrigerated containers and refrigeration machines for food transportation by road or sea.

Controlled ripening and ageing

Using MCI’s Star Cool CA (for high respiring produce) and Star Cool CA+ (for low respiring produce) technology, shipping companies can secure optimal conditions for all kinds of fruit and vegetables during transport. The controlled atmosphere inside the containers manages ripening and ageing, slowing fruit metabolism and delaying the onset of decay.

The internal atmosphere of the containers is monitored and controlled during transit to optimize the ripening process and ensure cold treatment protocols are followed. So, when the products arrive at their destination, they are still in peak condition. That means fewer losses for growers and exporters alike.

Star Cool provides optimal conditions for fruit and vegetables during transport. That means fewer losses for growers and exporters

New market opportunities

Furthermore, MCI’s new remote monitoring solution Sekstant™ Global Guidance gives shipping companies direct access to data about conditions inside the container during transport, without having to rely on a third-party provider.

The Star Cool CA and CA+ technology is adding up to 34 days to transit times, without damaging the quality of the perishables increasing the opportunities to reach new markets.