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Mill & Mortar

Sparing the Salt Without Sparing the Flavour

The Danish company Mill & Mortar has produced a spice blend to substitute table salt. The blend is a 100% organic natural flavour enhancer and contains less salt without compromising on taste.

Most consumers love salt, but it is not in health’s best interests. On average people consumes around twice the recommended maximum level of intake according to WHO. It is estimated that 2.5 million deaths could be prevented each year if the global salt consumption were reduced to the recommended level.

Mill & Mortar has decided to join the fight for high quality spice blends without salt, gluten and other additives. “Salt of Hearts” being one of them.

Using a blend as a salt substitute

The product “Salt of Hearts” is a 100% natural and organic product developed in close collaboration with a Danish chef working with neurogastronomy. “Salt of hearts” is a spice blend but is to be used as table salt. The blend is based on the idea of reducing salt intake without compromising on taste.

Salt of Hearts is a 100% natural and organic product containing only 15% plain salt

The innovative idea behind “Salt of Hearts” is that it only contains 15% plain salt and it is the taste composition with refined taste of sumac, roasted sesame seeds, coriander, sugar, seaweed, dried mushrooms and a bit of crushed peppercorns that makes it is a natural flavour-enhancer that highlights the salt.

Prize-winning spice blends with less salt

Since the launch of “Salt of Hearts” in 2017, Mill & Mortar has won several awards for the product’s high quality, e.g. “Organic Gold Awards 2018” in Denmark that focuses on the tastiest and most innovative organic products introduced to the market in the previous year.

Mill & Mortar began their journey on renewing the way we look at spices in 2008. At that time, microbrews and craft ales, high-quality chocolate and exotic and expensive salts was on the rise – but yet spices remained an unchanged territory. The product symbolizes the Danish approach and how companies of all sizes help create innovative products that also have health benefits.

By using Mill & Mortar’s spice blends, consumers can reduce their salt intake by reducing the “hidden salt” which is found, for example, in many ordinary spice blends.