100% Plant-based Drinks with Good Nutritional Composition





100% Plant-based Drinks with Good Nutritional Composition

The Danish plant drink company Dryk has one mission: To make it simple for everybody to choose high-quality plant-based drinks without any compromises. The focus is on providing consumers all over the world with great taste and good nutritional value.

In the future we need to produce and consume food far more sustainably than we do today. We must find solutions to the global challenges of public health, while reducing global resource consumption for food production. With rapid growth rates of plant-based products, it is important to also be able to offer products with a proper nutritional value proposition.

A nutritious plant-based drink

Dryk produces vegan drinks from oats and peas. The oats come from the Nordic region and yellow split peas from France. The future aim is to use local sourced materials to reduce their carbon footprint, which is why they do not use almonds or rice as raw materials. Dryk enriches the plant-based milk minerals and vitamins, so it is close to the nutritional value of cow’s milk. They are adding vitamins and minerals because the nutritional value of the harvested raw materials differs greatly due to the soil conditions where it is grown and farm management of the individual farmer.

All products are 100% vegan and enriched with B12, calcium, riboflavin and vitamin D

To make sure all products have the same amount of nutrients, Dryk measures the composition of each batch and regulates the content so the plant-based milk always contains the same amount of vitamins.

Ensuring high nutritional value in plant-based drinks

All Dryk’s products are certified 100% vegan and are enriched with B12, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin D, which means the nutritional value is close to cow’s milk. All Dryk’s drinks are enriched with 1 microgram Vitamin D, 0,38 microgram Vitamin B12, 0,21 microgram riboflavin and 120 microgram calcium. With large parts of the world population being lactose intolerant, and thus used to drinking plant-based products, Dryk’s brand stands strong internationally by also ensuring a proper nutritional value.