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Clean Organic Plant-based Foods for the Future

The Danish company Hanegal, which produces organic meat products and ready-meals, is to become one of the global pioneers in creating organic, plant-based alternatives free from unwanted additives and flavor enhancers. By 2030, Hanegal has a vision that 85% of their production should be plant-based.

Most of the plant-based products on the market today are not organic and often contains large quantities of additives and flavor enhancers. Although they contribute to a greener and smaller climate footprint, people are also increasingly demanding clean and natural food products.

Plant-based products without unwanted additives

Organic and sustainability are focal points for Hanegal’s business and with a new decision that 85% of Hanegal’s production will be plant-based by 2030, Hanegal is committed to ensure that organic also plays a central role in the plant-based product range.

With their 2030 vision, Hanegal is committed to ensure that organic also plays a key role in the plant-based product range

Hanegal is therefore in the process of developing new attractive organic, plant-based products that make it easy to replace the meat-based products with plant-based, which can help push for the needed transition to a more plant-based diet.

A change in food habits is an important tool in the fight to ensure a sustainable world. Therefore, a key area for their product development is to develop products of the same high standard for quality and taste as Hanegal’s already existing product range. This for example includes a plant-based paté as an alternative to one of the Danes favorite cold cuts – the liver paté.

Symbolising the Danish culture of innovation

This is just one example of how Danish food companies contribute to rethink our food production in a more sustainable manner. Hanegal is on schedule to have 85% of its business based on plant-based alternatives by 2030 and therefore meets the growing demand for high quality foods with a low-climate footprint.