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High-quality Liquorice Heading Towards Sustainable Luxury

What began with 14 months of intense recipe development on a Danish island is becoming a story of sustainable packaging of high-end liquorice products to a global market.

In 2007, after testing and boiling liquorice for 14 months, the recipe to kickstart what rose into a globally sought-after liquorice brand was finally nailed. More than 2,000 stores worldwide now sell the expanding line of LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW liquorice product varieties.

While not losing a strong focus on product development, the liquorice company is well ahead in a transitional phase regarding its packaging. The company taps into a growing consumer-driven demand for responsible packaging that differentiates companies in competitive markets across sectors, not least in the agri-food industry.

The jar labels is made from sustainable paper sources and 70% of the giftbox cardboards is from recycled material

A global demand for sustainable packaging

The global increasing demand for responsible choices in production including packaging options is thus beginning to have an impact. To LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW this has resulted in changed choices of material and a rethinking of packaging towards what they call “sustainable luxury”. This means creating a luxurious product experience that doesn’t compromise sustainability.

The first steps taken by the company is the use of 100% recycled and recyclable plastic for their jars while removing the use of a metal sealing from the lids. Labelling on the jars is made from sustainable paper sources and the cardboard for their giftboxes consists of 70% recycled material.

Continuous optimisation

Now and in the near future, companies that embrace the opportunity to take environmental leadership will reap rewards. LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW has taken crucial steps in the optimisation of packaging and processes towards sustainability and are continuously working on how to optimise their processes to become even more sustainable.