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Efficient fish gutting technology for land or sea 

Manual cleaning and gutting of fish is an exhausting, repetitive task for factory workers. With an automated fish gutting machine from the Danish company Carsoe, fisheries can improve working conditions for their staff while improving efficiency and capacity. 

Carsoe’s KM Mark 7 fish gutting machine is made for installation on board fishing vessels or in land-based fish factories. By increasing capacity and automating cleaning, the KM Mark 7 machine substantially enhances the fish gutting process. 

With a capacity of up to 60 fish a minute depending on fish size it can do the work of three to five operators  

The machine is characterized by an ergonomic design with height adjustable legs and smaller depth resulting in operators being able to stand closer to the machine which creates better working positions. 

Gutting length is easy to adjust while the KM Mark 7 is in operation – a feature that enables a continuous flow of fish through the thorough gutting and cleaning process, which also stands out for its low water consumption. On fishing vessels, it is valued for its space-saving design. 

Today the machine is trusted all over the world for gutting whitefish species to a high hygienic standard. Cod, saithe, hake, haddock, whiting, Alaska pollock, red cod, blue cod, southern hake, merluza, southern blue whiting and hoki are among them.