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Better Hygiene and Less Environmental Impact in Commercial Kitchens

Around the world authorities are setting high demands for commercial kitchens in terms of hygiene and the overall cleanliness. At the same time an increased focus on sustainability and adherence to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals within the food industry, is making the development of chemical-free cleaning solutions within commercial kitchens key.

Commercial kitchens such as restaurants and cafes located in urban areas are often demanded to reduce the cooking odour from their ventilation system, while industry regulations set standards to reduce the amounts of harmful chemical residues to better air pollution.

The Danish company JIMCO A/S specialises in natural odour and grease control in commercial kitchens by using patented UV-C & Ozone technology instead of chemicals, thus providing an environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

Eliminating bacteria growth with UV-light

The UV-C & Ozone technology from JIMCO A/S results in a cold incineration of organic matter such as bacteria, fungi and vira from a process called photolytic oxidation – combining photolysis and ozonolysis. Photolysis is a process where the organic molecules (e.g. fat, grease and oil) are broken down by photons, when exposed to UV-C light. Ozonolysis is the process of oxidation of the molecules which is incinerated by means of cold incineration.

Reduces grease and fat in kitchens with up to 85% and odour reduction to the surroundings up to 91%

The result is grease and odour reduction from kitchen extraction and ventilation systems that do not leave any harmful chemical residues. JIMCO A/S´s vision is to increase the implementation of this environmentally friendly solutions and to accelerate the chemical-free cleaning without compromising the result.

Documented results creating new business opportunities

Tested and documented by the European Environmental Technology Verification (ETV), the appliance of solutions by JIMCO A/S can result in grease and fat reduction in kitchens up to 85% and odour reduction to the surroundings up to 91%. This verification has led authorities to allow commercial kitchens to be placed in areas that are sensitive to odour, creating new business opportunities for restaurateurs while also improving hygiene and reducing environmental impact when cleaning.