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High capacity and a high level of hygiene

Food safety is an ever-growing focus area for both consumers and food producers all over the world. With specialised cleaning systems from KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS, food producers can save both time, water and energy while ensuring top levels of hygiene.

A Norwegian food group faced a challenge in cleaning their smoked sausage production facilities in Norway. The production site consists of smoking racks with a lot of tricky edges. It was therefore both challenging and time consuming for the company to manually wash and clean the racks to ensure the highest possible hygienic safety.

It can take up to one hour to wash one rack manually. It takes up to 100+ litres of water and also involves an employee standing in a humid, warm environment with safety clothing due to protection from chemicals and aerosols. Furthermore, it is difficult to ensure that the manual cleaning is done uniformly.

Customised automated cleaning

The Danish company KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS specialises in automated cleaning solutions and with their KEN Equipment Washers (EW) they have helped to heighten the hygiene level at the production facilities at many food production facilities throughout the world.

With a background in the health sector, pharmaceuticals and life science industries, KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS offer a wide range of other high-level cleaning solutions to food industries, which have the most rigid hygiene requirements.

After the implementation it takes 5-8 minutes and approx. 30 litres are used

The KEN Equipment Washers are standard machines, but can be made with customised equipment, which made it possible to meet the customer’s need of washing 15 racks per hour. During the final rinse with clean water it is possible to rinse with water temperatures above 85 degrees Celsius insuring high hygiene and if needed, the wash frame can be programmed to wash intensively in critical areas.

Saving energy and environmentally friendly

The washing process with the KEN Equipment Washers is designed to be energy efficient, environmentally friendly and gentle. Before the implementation of KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS, 100+ litres of water were used, and it took up to one hour to was it manually. After the implementation it only takes 5-8 minutes and approx. 30 litres of water are used.

The system is completely sealed when washing, which ensures that the heat is constant and thus results in reducing energy consumption and ensuring a safe working environment without the spread of chemicals on the production site.