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Farming a low-carbon future

Around a third of greenhouse gas emissions come from the production of food for the world’s growing population. The biggest share from agriculture and land use.

Danish food and agriculture innovation has a lot to offer a climate-neutral and climate-resilient future.

In this episode of the Food Nation podcast, we’ll meet three of the biotechnology companies that are improving the efficiency and climate footprint of crop and livestock farming with their solutions for soil, seeds and harvest residues.

Stewards of wild seafood

Denmark has always been a land of fishers. But today most of the wild fish catch is exported all over the world.

So what can a leading seafood nation do to balance the growing demand for seafood with the need to protect the marine eco-balance?

In this episode of the Food Nation podcast, we visit successful export companies Royal Greenland, FF Skagen and Scandic Pelagic to find out how they’re working with ocean to plate sustainability.

Ingredients today, bio-solutions tomorrow

Denmark’s ingredient sector meets the needs of markets all over the world – and many of their challenges.

Today, established ingredient companies, research institutes and start-ups are developing ingredients as bio-solutions to some of the biggest challenges of our time: climate change, biodiversity loss, health and food waste.

Meet some of the Danish specialists working with sustainable proteins, biological plant protectants and bioactive compounds from seaweed in this episode of the Food Nation podcast.

Going green with innovative technology

What is it that Danish technology can contribute to the green transition of global agri-food systems? This episode of the Food Nation podcast takes a look at what’s going on in the fields, where food production starts, and what’s happening in processing, where sustainable production practices are becoming a market differentiator. Automation and digitalisation are the buzzwords.

Partners for healthy change

Everyone has a right to safe and healthy food. But it is still out of reach for a large part of the global population, with severe consequences for health and wellbeing. In Denmark, agriculture and food companies are joining forces to make healthier food choices more easily accessible and to uncover the effect of food and diet on lifestyle disease and malnutrition.

Fishing for sustainable protein

As the world cries out for more protein, the Danish aquaculture industry could have the most sustainable and cost-effective answer. In this episode of the Food Nation podcast, we find out how Denmark is leading the way in sustainable land-based aquaculture – and about a new protein source for fish feed made from methane-eating bacteria.

A very special salmonella-free status

Salmonella was a challenge for food safety and quality in Danish poultry productions in the nineties. But following a major collaborative effort, Denmark has now attained salmonella-free status in EU

Organic Frontrunners: The Tale of a Vision

Hear two top entrepreneurs talk about Denmark’s organic drivers and the passion and innovation that have built Europe’s largest organic meat company and a brand new category in organic drinks.

The Great Culinary Revolution

Denmark has joined the great gastronomic nations of the world over the past two decades. But what are the secrets behind that rapid rise to stardom – and did it really start with New Nordic Cuisine?

United by Collaboration

Get a tour of the Danish food cluster when three prominent profiles discuss the strongholds that have made Denmark a world leader – and an innovative partner for the global food and agriculture sector.