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Using technology to make agri-food systems more resilient and sustainable

In an era of constant change resulting from, amongst others, the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, conflict, and the prevalence of hunger and malnutrition, it is time to create more resilience to shocks within agri-food systems. More so than ever, Denmark’s contribution to the development of new tools and techniques plays an important role in overcoming challenges in food and agriculture productions.

The international consensus that we must transform agri-food systems towards higher levels of efficiency, resilience, inclusiveness, and sustainability has grown. The past few years have demonstrated that agricultural producers are highly vulnerable to shocks that directly influence the sector. Hence, the innovation processes in food and information technologies take part in enhancing human capital and capacity to help manage different risks, quickly adapt to changing realities, and bring us towards a more sustainable future.

When it comes to innovative technology, Denmark is a key driver ranking ninth among high-income countries in the Global Innovation Index in 2021. In fact, innovation has become a Danish tradition, which is rooted in the Danish collaborative culture and can be traced back to the mid-1800s.

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Danish innovation and technology as a key driver for risk-proofing supply chains

Resilient agri-food systems can be achieved by managing connectivity, for instance, through the creation of robust food distribution networks or by improving productivity and efficiency to lower the costs of nutritious foods. Danish technology companies offer smart solutions for industrial automation in connection with internal transport. The automation of internal transport improves efficiency and increases capacity. Danish suppliers have also created digital solutions that monitor processing efficiency and predict the need for line maintenance even before a potential breakdown occurs. Highly resilient agri-food systems thrive in preventing, anticipating, and adapting in any case of disruption. In this way, Danish innovation, and technology help to risk-proof and capture value within supply chains.

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Scientific research and innovation as a foundation for reaching climate targets

Denmark aims at reaching its ambitious climate target with help from scientific research and innovation within the agriculture sector. Already on the right path, the Danish food sector has succeeded in increasing its production and at the same time reducing its environmental impact. This has been a result of an eminent ability to develop and apply the latest technology. With Denmark’s technological and sustainable solutions, the sector can help prevent future climate variabilities and extremes that can potentially lead to shocks and stresses within our agri-food systems.

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