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Danish state visit to Germany: Together for a sustainable future

HM, The Queen and HRH The Crown Prince will pay a state visit to Germany on the days of 10 – 13 November 2021. The Queen and The Crown Prince will be accompanied by 55 danish companies under the slogan “Together for a sustainable future”. The business activities and networking events will focus on the following sectors: sustainable health, sustainable energy and sustainable food & agriculture.

With its annual exports of 106.5 billion DKK where Danish food and agricultural goods, including bio-based products and machinery, accounted for 27.1% of the exports in 2020, Germany is one of Denmark’s most important trading partners in Europe. Trade between Denmark and Germany amounted to 329.6 billion DKK in 2020, but there is still great potential for further expansion of trade relations. This is attributable, in part, to both countries’ strong commitments to combating climate change through green energy sources, continuous healthcare modernisation, and the ambition to develop sustainable solutions in agriculture and food production.

The importance of trading sustainable products and solutions is growing.

According to Food Nation’s Insight Report from 2020, 44% of decision-makers believe that sustainability is now more important than price. As a result, sustainability will undoubtedly play a larger role in international trade and collaboration in the future.

Based on the opinion of 58% of decision-makers, companies are the primary drivers of more sustainable solutions in general. At the same time, about one in four points to governments and politicians as primarily responsible. A successful green transition will depend on close collaboration between the food cluster and the authorities. As one of Denmark’s key trading partners for the past decades, collaboration with Germany is an equally important tool, with 54% of German decision makers perceiving Danish food and agricultural products among the most sustainable in the world.

To reinforce the relationship and intensify the effort toward a sustainable future, a collaborative effort between Denmark and Germany is of the utmost importance.

The business delegation includes 19 Danish food and agriculture companies who bring proven sustainable solutions and are eager to participate in dialogue, new alliances, and mutually beneficial commercial agreements. Denmark and Germany have a strong bond that includes significant trade relations. The German economy is one of the go-to export markets for small Danish businesses, and it is also the most significant market for many large international corporations originating from Denmark, due to its size, geographical proximity, and in many ways similar consumer trends.

Participating Danish companies within sustainable food and agriculture