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Copenhagen Cooking

Join us in Denmark for 10 days packed with tasty events, delicious food experiences, curiosity and food joy when Copenhagen Cooking takes place from 19th-28th of August!

Copenhagen Cooking is the festival of one of the world’s greatest food cities and each year we invite up to 100.000 people to take a seat at the table, when we celebrate that Copenhagen is home to wonderful eateries, skilled food people, innovative food organizers and hungry citizens.

This year’s program for Copenhagen Cooking is divided into several tracks.

  • Cooking in the CPH offers dining experiences throughout Copenhagen. Here, the city’s best food people invite you to long table dinners in the city’s streets and alleys, exclusive dinners, tastings and much, much more.
  • At The Festival Square, we transform Israels Plads by TorvehallerneKBH into the heart and center of the festival. Together with all our good partners, we turn up the festivities and presented a program filled with dining experiences, workshops, talks and music to provide a good atmosphere.

Why join?

Copenhagen Cooking is about delicious food, skilled food artisans and inspiring development in motion that makes Copenhagen one of the world’s best food cities.

Over 10 days, from the 19th-28th. August, you will participate in tasty experiences, events and dinners when several of the city’s best restaurants, chefs and producers work together to create the most delicious dining experiences for you and your loved ones.

Taste the summer’s beautiful ingredients, sip Danish-produced aquavit or quench your thirst in delicious cider made from Danish apples. It is largely only your taste buds that set the limit for what is possible when we run the festival for the world’s best food city.

Join our Global Food Talk on sustainable gastronomy

Also, you can not miss The Global Food Talk which is held by Food Nation Denmark on August 25 focusing on gastronomy’s impact on consumption and production habits to initiate sustainable food system changes. At the talk, you will meet leading high-level profiles from the Danish and international agricultural and food scene.

Bon appetite!