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Dryk is a Danish company producing quality plant-based butter and plant-based milk with oats and peas. With a mission on winning the climate battle in our everyday lives, Dryk believes it is the small habits every day, multiplied by 365 a year, that make a huge difference to the climate, nature and our future. Did you for example know that Dryk plant-based drinks emit approx. 70% less CO2 than milk from cows? This is a difference that is easily noticed in the large greenhouse gas accounting. Dryk can produce 11 liters of plant drink on the same amount of land it takes to produce 1 liter cow’s milk.

Together with leading baristas, Dryk has developed a range of plant-based drinks. Dryk has a clean, creamy taste that is not dominated by too much sweetness and is added vitamins and calcium for a more nutrient drink. And we promise, you will not be disappointed. Dryk delivers in taste and creaminess!

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