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Sustainable Cleaning is Fast and Hygienic

JEROS A/S is making a large difference for food manufacturers all over the world with their product range of various food production washers and tray cleaners. With their cleaning solutions, food manufacturers can achieve unparalleled levels of hygiene, while reducing the water usage, thus playing a central role in achieving a more sustainable production.

It can be difficult for food manufacturers to reduce their water consumption without compromising the high hygiene and food safety standards required by authorities and consumers. When operators wash processing equipment by hand, it is also difficult to ensure standards are met.

The Danish company JEROS is making a difference for food manufacturers all over the world. Based on more than 55 years of experience, their cleaning solutions ensure unparalleled levels of hygiene with less water usage – enabling manufacturers to improve the sustainability of their production.

The system cuts cleaning time to just six minutes and water consumption to 16 litres

One of their solutions, the JEROS ACE, is the most flexible and efficient cleaning system for multi-head weigher components and other scale parts in food production.

Using a traditional manual process, it typically takes operators an hour to clean 32 multi-head weigher components and 730 litres of water. The JEROS ACE system cuts cleaning time to just three to six minutes and water consumption to 16 litres.

A rinse temperature of 85°C also ensures all components are thoroughly disinfected and hygienic – ready for the next product batch. This is a huge improvement that can play a large role for companies, as time spent cleaning is often time spent producing nothing. Therefore, efficient cleaning is a must.

Trusted around the world

With a JEROS system, food producers can look forward to more environmentally friendly production, uniform food safety and lower operating costs. Large food conglomerates like Pepsico and Nestlé and the Danish dairy giant Arla Foods have all implemented JEROS solutions in their production.