Sustainable Packaging Cutting CO2 Emissions in Half



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Royal Greenland

Cutting CO2 Emissions in Half due to Sustainable Packaging

The Greenlandic fishing company Royal Greenland makes their business more sustainable by increasing their focus for a more sustainable production with a new system for packaging. This has resulted in a CO2 emissions cut by 50%.

Royal Greenland has in recent years made efforts to make their business as sustainable as possible. The Greenlandic fishing company changed the way pallets with goods are transported from their facilities in Greenland to the further production. With this change, Royal Greenland has managed to reduce CO2 emissions by more than half, be a more sustainable food production as well as saving economic resources.

royal greenland has managed to reduce co2 emissions by more than 50%

The new implemented packaging system, the so-called scantainer, makes it possible to avoid the use of boxes and instead use reusable cardboard scantainers. This is a result from a project in cooperation between production facility in Greenland, the Corporate Sustainability department and Royal Greenland’s packaging specialist. The estimate of reuse of a single scantainer is 15-20 times. This will result in a 43% reduction in packaging use over the course of 4 years.

Greener Transportation and Lower Costs

Not only is the new transportation system more reusable, it is also lighter which will cause a reduction in the amount of fuel needed at the ships. The new packaging is lighter than the old models and the transportation to Greenland is not as bulky as earlier, causing a reduction in CO2 emissions further as well as cost savings for the fishing company.