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Real-time Insect Monitoring of Biodiversity

Insects are an important base level of the food chain. Without flying insects we would not have pollination of 80% of our wild plants or the food source for 60% of the world’s birds. Insect habitats have declined, contributing to this loss of insects. FaunaPhotonics aims to work with companies who implement measures to restore habitats for this important community, monitoring the effectiveness of the measures taken.

The start-up company FaunaPhotonics is building real-time insect biodiversity monitoring systems. The technology platform combines patent-protected sensor technology with artificial intelligence to calculate the number of insect families present, the number and activity of the insects, and the overall insect biomass present in the area.

Monitoring insect populations systematically, efficiently and accurately is key

Smart insect classification

Science is refining biodiversity targets, emphasizing the importance of companies’ compliance with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Monitoring biodiversity is crucial for conserving insects and upholding planetary health, aligning with SDG objectives. FaunaPhotonics’ cloud-based data upload, occurring every 30 minutes, enables easy access to real-time information on insect activity supporting ESG compliance efforts.

FaunaPhotonics develops its systems with collaboration in many sectors, including solar parks, restoration agriculture, and companies with biodiversity-minded construction projects. Their data ensures that the efforts taken to conserve or increase biodiversity are effective.