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Niclas Jessen, VisitDenmark

Dietary Supplement Meets Global Consumer Demands for Organic Products

The global focus on sustainable, natural and clean products is also felt in the dietary supplements industry where new variants must be considered by producers to reach the consumer demands. The Danish brand Novo Vita is now paving the way by releasing a new series of innovative, natural and food-based lifestyle-products.

The challenge with dietary supplements

In today’s modern food system, the development of innovative, natural and safe food production is crucial when meeting rising consumer demands and in the process of addressing global challenges such as poor food quality and environmental aspects.

While the production of vegan, “clean label” and organic food is increasing, the demand for dietary supplements is rising as well. The majority of supplements are however made from synthetic ingredients.

Novo vita provides safe, pure and transparent supplements for global consumers

Food-based supplements, with natural additives.

The Danish dietary supplement brand, Novo Vita, now meets consumer demand by presenting an innovative range of vegan, food-based and natural dietary supplements – with more even being certified organic. Being the first Scandinavian brand to introduce a vegan, innovative and food-based dietary supplement series, the Novo Vita brand only accepts natural additives, sweeteners and colorants (such as rice powder, steviol glycosides and beet extract) in order to provide pure, safe and and food-based supplements for global consumers.

High Quality Food Supplements

Traceability, high quality and food safety are essential traits of the Novo Vita brand. By selecting the very best raw materials, securing full traceability and transparency in the value chain, and implementing transparent control systems that document product safety, Novo Vita ensures high product quality as well as compliance with national and EU food regulations.

Taking healthy living global

The Novo Vita natural supplement series offers a holistic alternative to conventional dietary supplements, and hereby supports Denmark’s innovative role within safe, natural and organic food development, in a novel way.