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Cloud-based Software Ensures Overview of Inventory

High administration costs are primary expenses for food producing companies due to strict regulations and demands of documentation from both authorities and potential business partners. A cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software developed by Danish company tracezilla enables managers to oversee their companies’ inventories.

Companies in the food and agricultural sector must be able to comply with various rules for traceability and documentation to the authorities. Furthermore, it is important for companies to have a proper overview of their inventory so that they do not risk their raw materials falling in quality or becoming poor.

The software simplifies management of professional and contemporary food businesses

These high demands drive up administration costs which can make it hard to allocate funds for business development and upscaling of production. Especially when working with certified food products such as organic and fair-trade commodities.

Decrease allocation of resources for administration and documentation

The Danish company, tracezilla, has developed a cloud-based ERP software specifically for food producing companies. The software simplifies management of professional and contemporary food businesses and accounts for the complexity of trading and producing foods in all types of markets.

tracezilla eases the administration aspect of businesses by keeping track of all certifications, ensuring product traceability, utilising the forecasting module to base company purchases off sales, cost price and inventory value calculations, automatically integrating all relevant documents into the system and much more.

New business opportunities can be explored

The Danish growing company Nordisk Tang (Nordic Seaweed) has replaced excel sheets and documents and made tracezilla the foundation of their production data collection, which has made it a lot easier to locate waste of resources and mistakes in their production line.

Consequentially, the resources that has been freed up has allowed Nordisk Tang to explore new valuable cooperation agreements with business partners, who have high demands when it comes to documentation and traceability throughout the supply chain.

As a result, Nordisk Tang has experienced a 50% reduction in the time spent overseeing their documentation for organic production.