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Naturli' Foods

A Tasty Alternative to Butter on the Market

Some foods are simply not the same without butter. As a result, Naturli’ has taken on the challenge to provide a plant based alternative to butter, while keeping the fat content high and a spreadable texture.

In response to the demand for a climate-conscious and tasty alternatives, NATURLI’ has since 1988 worked hard to go against the norm of dairy products being animal based. As a result, the company has provided a product portfolio of plant-based products, including plant milks, spreads and ice cream making it easier to select plant based alternatives.

A large challenge has been providing an alternative to animal based butter, with a high fat content and spreadable texture. However, Naturli’ has successfully uncovered two plant based alternatives, that resemble the animal based product, and reaches a fat content of 75%. These products were crafted with a commitment to organic and sustainable practices, avoiding the use of palm oil and instead were formulated using plant-based oils and almonds. This shift provides a creamy and flavorful alternative to traditional butter.

The products are 100% organic and available in over 40 countries, allowing for a global transition towards plant-based alternatives

NATURLI’s dedication to challenging the status quo in the dairy industry by providing innovative plant-based solutions has resonated globally. The expansion of their product offerings, including the plant-based butter, has contributed to a more sustainable and inclusive food market. This is also evident through the large difference in environmental impacts of vegan and animal based butter, emitting 2.3 kg of CO2 per 1 kg of vegan butter instead of 17 kg of CO2 for dairy butter.

The products not only cater to vegans and vegetarians but also resonate with environmentally conscious consumers seeking to make a positive impact through their dietary choices.