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World food safety day: Tap into a strong danish position within food quality & safety

Food quality and safety is one of the keys to achieve UN’s global goals for sustainable development. Codex Alimentarius has therefore dedicated June 7th to be a global “World Food Safety Day” to focus on food quality and safety and on how we can prevent, detect and manage food-borne risks both now and in the future.

Traceability, food quality and safety are essential ingredients in the Danish food cluster. Throughout decades, it has become dynamic issues that reflect global climate change, disease risks and changing consumer patterns and trends. And for each issue there are many perspectives to consider along the food value chain from field to fork.

Around the world, Danish food products and technologies are synonymous with high quality, reliability and excellent hygiene. Essential to ensuring the high level of food hygiene, quality and safety in food production, technology takes us to higher levels. A case-example is where milk testing technology from the Danish company FOSS’ has reduced the milk adulteration in dairies by 98% in one Indian region. Another case-example is a technology from the Danish company SANOVO, that has helped a Japanese mayonnaise company to be able to break 140,000 eggs per hour, while ensuring high food safety and minimum food waste. These are just two examples of how the Danish food arena innovates and develops products and solutions in accordance with the sustainable development goals.

The ultimate goal is to provide consumers with appetising meals with a high level of food quality & safety

Research and innovation are cornerstones in the Danish food arena

Danish food manufacturing businesses operate some of the world’s most advanced processing plants and the research and innovation capabilities are internationally renowned. Continuous research and development are key to maintaining Denmark’s leading position within food quality and safety.

With this in mind, a vision for world-class innovation has been set for 2030 with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The aim is to continue building on the strong foundations for producing safe, high-quality food – to the benefit of international business partners and consumers all over the world.

Download Food Nation’s white paper on food quality & safety here or watch the brand new animation on Danish food quality and safety here: