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Danish Technologies to Optimise Production

A key challenge in the future will be to provide enough food to supply the growing demand around the world. Denmark is leading the way with technologies that are used all around the globe to improve the quality of products and obtain a more sufficient and sustainable production.

With vast, global, demographic challenges, a change in food production is needed, and the implementation of technologies will be a fundamental solution in sustainably producing enough food. Today, several producers have already applied Danish high-technology equipment in their productions. By doing so, they have obtained a more standardised manufacturing process that increases output and gives a financial benefit by, for example, reducing water and energy usage. Moreover, the implementation of the best technologies can create a more sustainable production by minimising waste.

Denmark is leading the way in high-tech equipment

Today, the Danish food production is efficient, fast and with low waste. This is due to the capability of Danish food equipment to produce high-quality, standardised food that is in demand around the world. In 2017, the Japanese mayonnaise company, Kewpie, put an egg breaking machine from the Danish company, Ovodan, in use. On top of being able to break 140,000 eggs per hour, the machine has a unique way of separating the albumen and the yolk, keeping the discards from production at a minimum.

The machine can break 140.000 eggs per hour and has a unique way of separating the albumen and the yolk so the discard from production is kept at a minimum

The implementation of the Danish machine in Japanese production shows how the Danish food cluster already brings technologies to the rest of the world. In 2013, 80% of all Danish technologies were used outside Denmark, showing Denmark’s substantial contributions to solve tomorrow’s food challenges.