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World Food Safety Day 2020: Ensuring worldwide food safety

Food quality and safety is key to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the growing population is pressuring food producers to provide a sufficient supply of healthy, safe and accessible food. On the second observance of World Food Safety Day (7 June 2020), we use the occasion to promote awareness and urging action by highlighting what everyone can do to ensure food safety.

The global population is growing so fast that, over the next 40 years, we will have to produce more food than we have ever done in the past 8,000 years. Never before has the need for sustainable means to produce safe, high-quality food been so great.

Around the world, Danish food products are synonymous with high quality, reliability and high hygiene standards. One of the reasons for the reputation is that the Danish culture for collaboration – between industry, academia and authorities – is at the heart of the national approach to ongoing improve food safety and quality. A case-example is how the farmers in Denmark’s largest dairy cooperative Arla Foods follow a joint quality control program with strict procedures for producing and handling milk deliveries to the dairy. Another case-example is the world’s fastest Salmonella test kit from DNA Diagnostic to better monitor potential salmonella risks in food products.

Innovation for a better and safer food supply

Continuing innovation is essential to provide a reliable and accessible food supply for the world’s growing population. To that end, food safety, health and nutrition, and sustainable food production will become even more important in the years ahead.

In Denmark, research and innovation focuses on establishing advanced tools and reliable track and trace systems to ensure ever-higher standards of food quality and safety, guarantee the origin of locally and internationally sourced raw materials, and minimise the risk of food fraud. The aim is to continue building on the strong foundations for producing safe, high-quality food – to the benefit of international business partners and consumers all over the world.

Download Food Nation’s white paper on food quality & safety here