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A more sustainable agriculture and food sector through cross border collaboration

In an era marked by global food system transformation, cross-border collaboration and sharing of innovative solutions are imperative to meeting the world’s evolving demands. Effects of climate changes are becoming increasingly visible around the world. At the same time, we have seen an acceleration of innovation to overcome challenges and disruptions to the food supply moving forward.

In Denmark, we consider ourselves strong partners for solving many of the issues that challenge the path towards a more sustainable future. We develop know-how, ingredients, technology and food solutions that have an impact on one of the greatest global challenges – feeding 9 billion people by 2050 in a more sustainable way.

The Danish food cluster has years of experience in offering more sustainable products and solutions. We are constantly looking for better ways to produce adequate food to meet the world’s growing demand while leaving the planet for future generations in a responsible way. It’s about a balance and it’s about change – and about always seeking improvements.

Danish food and agriculture products and solutions are worldwide synonymous with sustainability, high food safety, quality, organic and unique products and solutions. All of which, will be presented to Chinese stakeholders during the visit of Danish Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Jacob Jensen. Attending an esteemed business delegation, Minister Jensen will travel to Beijing and Shanghai, where he will represent Denmark at seminars with a focus on climate and biosolutions, as well as attending the prestigious China International Import Expo 2023.

Top attributes in Danish-Chinese collaboration

China is one of Denmark’s most important trade partners, with both nations actively importing each other’s products and competences 

According to Food Nation’s Insight Report 2023, Chinese decision-makers rate Danish products and solutions more positively than domestic counterparts with regard to animal welfare, organic solutions and low environmental impact. Many also regard Denmark as a source of products and solutions that support sustainable production.

In addition, quality and food safety are equally important to Chinese decision-makers, when producing, purchasing, selling or handling food and agricultural products and solutions. Denmark is a strong contributor of technological solutions that uphold safety, and Danish companies stand strong regarding quality assurance and hygiene programmes.

If you are curious about what Denmark does to sustainably meet rising food demand, you can get a detailed look at Denmark’s specialized know-how in climate-friendly plant breeding, farm machinery, and smart crop management techniques and many other examples in the new White Paper – Climate. Here you can dive into the Danish agriculture and food sector’s progressive initiatives across the value chain. Take a look here.