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Bjørg de Meza

Recap from Food Nation’s first Global Food Talk “Steering the green transition in farming and food – Innovative technology as a key driver”

Food Nation hosted the first Global Food Talk on May 25 with opening remarks from Food Nation’s patron, His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. With many global challenges within the agriculture and food sector, innovation and collaboration are key. Let’s recap some main takeaways from our speakers.

Across the panel, there was agreement on the significance of innovative technology and solutions. The development of innovative technology allows preservation of scarce resources while producing more food for a growing world population – a conclusive tool since the world population is projected to reach 8.5 billion people by 2030.

A main takeaway from the day was therefore that we all, from consumers, companies and business communities to governments must be brave and curious and that collaboration is key for the green transition to succeed.

A little less conversation – a little more action

His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Frederik opened the event by highlighting the importance of cross-disciplinary collaboration and how innovative technology is crucial in supporting the transition towards sustainable agriculture and food production. In extension to this, His Royal Highness repeated Elvis Presley’s lyrics from one of his famous songs: “A little less conversation, a little more action”.

Let today’s global food talk inspire and initiate actions and next steps towards a green transition in the global food system. Lise Walbom, CEO Food Nation

Denmark has set a goal to reduce all greenhouse emissions with 70% in 2030 and become carbon neutral by 2050 in the agricultural food sector. To do so, all speakers agreed that collaboration and innovation are key drivers. “Only together can we make the green transition happen”, said Rasmus Prehn, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.

As a side event for the P4G Seoul Summit, Park Sang-Jin, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Denmark acknowledged the initiative as a global forum to accelerate the response to climate change and the implementations of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Motivation is a starting point for a green movement

The green transition sets new demands for all. In the dialogue between Anne Lawaetz Ahrnung, CEO from Danish Agriculture & Food Council and Thomas Bustrup, International Director & COO from The Confederation of Danish Industry it was clear that everyone in the value chain shall contribute to the green transition and must work closely to succeed – from farmer to consumer. Motivation is a driver for the transition to happen where everyone has a responsibility to adapt to the circumstances and collaborate on finding new and better solutions.

Data sets the sustainable agenda

Peder Tuborgh, CEO from Arla Foods and Jais Valeur, CEO from Danish Crown acknowledged the possibilities of data gathering. Data start conversations and show where innovative solutions can aid to create a positive impact for the environment. They highlight how one of the key advantages of data gathering is the ability to stay trustworthy towards partners and consumers within the industry. Data can thus help set the agenda and predict the future – an important tool to determine which actions are necessary to ensure a sustainable agriculture and food production.

Did you miss the event? Watch it right here.

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