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Novozymes enters rapid growing biocontrol market

Novozymes, a global pioneer in biological solutions, is expanding its microbial product and innovation portfolio to join the biocontrol segment of agriculture with promising enzyme-based technologies.

Biological pest control is a way of managing pests such as insects, fungi, bacteria, and mites by using biological treatments. Pests have a significant influence on agriculture, causing billions of dollars in losses each year. The agricultural industry faces significant challenges to replace or reduce chemical pesticides and new sustainable crop protection alternatives are needed. Chemical pesticides are already restricted in some areas, and customers are increasingly demanding that the items they buy are produced in a more sustainable manner.

“While early, we see a lot of potential in the enzyme biocontrol technology to complement our current innovation and provide highly efficacious yet sustainable pest control solutions for farmers globally – making a real impact in addressing the major challenges to chemical pesticide usage,” says Ester Baiget Arnau, Novozymes’ President and CEO.

A committed partnership

Novozymes and FMC, a prominent global agricultural sciences firm, have established a strategic partnership to research, co-develop, and market biological enzyme-based crop protection solutions for growers throughout the world. The companies are combining their R&D capabilities with FMC as the commercial partner and Novozymes as the manufacturing partner. “We see FMC as a great partner with strong scientific and commercial capabilities – and, importantly, a clear commitment to biological solutions,” says Ester Baiget Arnau.

The agricultural use of enzymes is an exciting new area for biologicals. Novozymes has strengthened its strategic commitment to the biocontrol segment, and from its research, the company sees the potential of enzymes to control numerous microbial and insect pests effectively. The biocontrol segment today is a five billion dollar market and is forecasted to experience double-digit growth, doubling in about five years.

Source: Novozymes